Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Family is the most important thing." -Charlsie Poe

This past week, heaven had a party when Charlsie Poe walked through the gates. When Matt's 98 year old great-grandmother passed away, my heart smiled at the thought of this sweet lady seeing her husband, her children, and so many of the friends that he gone before her. Her funeral, performed beautifully by Matt and his dad, was so precious. What an amazing life this woman had...writing books, teaching Sunday School, raising children, and so much more. When Quinn met her 4 weeks ago, and Matt explained who he was, she said, "Family is the most important thing!" I thought it was so sweet and so true. We had a great time with family as we celebrated Charlsie's life and I can only pray for a life as good and full as hers.

A sweet father/son moment after the funeral!

One of my new favorites!!! How sweet are my guys...look at Q's hand on his Daddy's tie!

Fun with Pawpaw!

Love from Aunt Bethanie and Uncle Perry!

My sweet cousin, Brenna...she's only 3 months older than me!

In front of Charlsie's pink house!

I love you Brenna!

Zach and Luke...many of you will remember them as the sweet ring bearers from our wedding!

Sweet cousin, Madison!
Watermelon with Grammer and Slickpaw! MMMMM...I LOVE IT SO!


the thorntons said...

What an amazing life and family she had! I'm so glad she had the chance to meet her little Quinn. That is super special that he got to meet his great-GREAT grandma! Love you lots! :)

L. Eoff said...

I am using a copy of Runnels is My Home which is an incredible resource. Just wondering if the book can be found in digital form anywhere? Maybe that's a project someone would like to take on?? Hint, hint. Selfish of me. The book is an incredible resource. My grandmother was Robbie Eoff from Ballinger married to Dr. Eoff. She bought copies of Charlie's book for family members so every house has at least one copy. I was never into genealogy when she was alive, sadly, but now I've been bitten by the bug! I wish I could thank Charlie herself!