Sunday, July 22, 2007


Don't worry...we aren't starting to discipline our child at 4 months of age. Matt preached to the congregation this morning and "Spanked" was the title of his sermon. He did such an amazing job and today was one of the moments that made me EXTRA proud to call him my husband. He was complimented by anyone and everyone on how powerful his message was and I feel that he truly has the gift of reaching all ages. If you'd like to listed to him preach on the power of the Holy Spirit, go to . It should be up and ready to listen to on Monday.
... On a side note, Quinn had another day in the nursery at church and was such a good boy. He and daddy were worn out after their long morning but didn't miss an opportunity to pose for the camera!!!...

Quinn's new favorite toy/snack...his hands!!! He seems to always have them in his mouth and usually drags out a big puddle of drool with them each time he decides to take a break!


Jessica and Matt said...

Yay for MattPoe! I remember the last time he spoke in "big church"--I laughed so much. He's really good at illustrating his points. So I'm certainly not surprised that he had another good one yesterday!

And I think these are some of my favorite pictures of Quinn--especially the ones in b&w and sepia. So cute!

Jessica and Matt said...

I just wanted to tell you congrats (again) on your new job!!! I think it will be such a great setup for you guys!