Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Quinn looked too cute today in his "perfect" outfit. I think it's my favorite thing so far!!! I loved the crisp white pants and his little white tennies! But, when I decided to take a few pics of my 'sweet' little man, he was far from perfect! I thought it was somewhat ironic...and, actually, pretty darn cute!!! He's perfect to me...even when he is screaming!

The closest to "perfect" we got!

Look at those mad fists!


the thorntons said...

You're right...he was definitely NOT happy with you!! He better get used to that camera! The outfit is adorable, and Quinn's still cute even when he's screaming. Love you. :)

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i don't care if matt doesn't like it, i do. :) kidding. he is pretty perfect! good to talk to you today and not the crazy lady on the answering machine. :) and, it was awesome to hear his sweet cry. i'm sure you were thinking otherwise.

campers said...

i love those pics! I think he is pretty perfect!!!

Jessica and Matt said...

So I'm ready for him to start looking like one of you... can you arrange that?