Sunday, May 06, 2007

7 hours!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

Last night, our little "Q" slept for 7 hours straight!!! Can you believe it!?!?!? We had such a busy weekend...Matt was in Cory's wedding and last night we had a wedding shower to go to. Maybe all of the festivities just wore him out. Whatever it was, I want to do it often so that we can have those 7 hours of blissful sleep that seemed only a distant memory until last night. When I woke up at 6:30 to whining puppies and not a whining baby, I panicked. I quickly peeked into the bassinet and found my little man just happy as can be in his swaddle blanket. What a good boy!!! I know that it's probably just a fluke, but how wonderful it was!!! Please pray that nights like this happen more and more often!!!
Matt, Quinn, Cory and Brooks
Quinn's first wedding! He was such a good boy...not a peep during the entire ceremony!!!
The silly bride and groom!!!

Our sleepy little swaddled guy with his Daddy!


campers said...

Yeah for Quinn~ What a big boy!!! And he looks adorable in his little wedding outfit!

Laura said...

oh baby baby, glad you got to get some rest! I love seeing him grow! Is he looking like Matt? It is hard to tell with babies but he just might be! Precious, I love it!

the thorntons said...

I bet 7 straight hours of sleep was a slice of heaven for you! I'm praying for many more sleepful nights to come! I need to see you and your sweet little boy again soon!!! Love you. :)