Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Isn't she lovely?!"

My precious lifelong friend, Molly, said "I do" on Friday night and she was absolutely stunning! Everything about her day was perfect and, in the end, she was married to the man that she has crushed on for longer than all of us can remember. It was surreal seeing this dear friend get married to someone that she had once only dreamed about! I think that out of of all of my friends, I have felt that Molly deserves someone perfect. She is the most pure and wonderful woman of God and any man is the luckiest in the world to call her his wife. I know that Peter is going to be an amazing match for her and I can't wait to watch them grow together and to get to know them better as a couple. ... It was so much fun being around all of my old CHS friends and just laughing and talking like it was still 1998. I look forward to being at home for Xmas time and seeing many of them again! ... Molly, I am so very happy for you! You were a perfect bride and your wedding day was truly magical! I love you and can't wait to know you as Mrs. Abrigg!

Baby Quinn was also at the full force! The peonies are about as big as he is! :)

Our 4th, and last, time to take this sweet picture!

To thee..CHS!!!


Laura said...

I knew I could count on you to post pictures --thanks so much! Everything looks like it couldn't have been more perfect, I'm glad you and your camera were there and that you share pictures for those of us far away. You and your little baby-boy-to-be look great as well! Happy Holidays!

campers said...

Oh, it was so much fun seeing everyone! I can't wait until this weekend and we get to see each other again! We really are so blessed to have stayed so close! I love you and little Quinn! See ya soon!