Thursday, December 21, 2006

24 Weeks...

Crazy, huh? Only a few more weeks and I'll be in my 3rd trimester. People all over the place are stopping me to ask when my baby is due!!! It's so fun! And...I think that Baby Quinn had the hiccups on Monday! I'm waiting to feel it again! So sweet!!! (I think this shirt makes me look REALLY pregnant! ... Maybe I look this pregnant all of the time and I'm in denial! Ha!)

Today we're leaving for a 10 day Christmas vacation. We're going to Abilene until the day after Christmas and then to Houston until the 30th. Even though I would really love to be at home to organize, decorate, and clean, I think it's good that I'm going away so I CAN'T do all of that! My back has really started hurting so I'm ready and willing to just relax! I hope you all are ready for Christmas and are really enjoying this fun time!
(Here's a pic of one of our trees before we leave it for 10 days! I go a little overboard with the decorating b/c I love it so much! We have this "keepsake tree", the dining room tree, the little tree in the guest bathroom, 3 little trees in the living room, and a few other, small decorative trees! How crazy will I be when I've collected 10 more years of stuff?..and then 10 more!!?)


Jessica and Matt said...

BP not LSD. That tree looks so pretty. It's inspirational. Somewhat. Heh. I'm in a weird mood... but your belly pic is really cute, too. Merry Krimmuth!!!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

it is time for you to update so I can see your tummy!