Friday, March 31, 2006

Selfish blogger...

I have to admit...I've been a selfish blogger lately...reading and not posting. I feel that just nothing exciting is really going on...but I still seem so busy! This week has been full...Bible Study, church, having the Burks' over for dinner, etc. I have been tired in the mornings... and look forward to not having to set an alarm tonight...even though my KROZBY alarm will get me up by 7, I'm sure! We have a weekend FULL of play husband (a.k.a. Jesus) is going to work hard! You should see his beard...I'll post a pic's getting really thick!

Well, one exciting thing...we got internet at HOME! YAY! I can finally blog at home and see those 'my space' sites that I never get to see b/c they're blocked from my school computer! Anyway... WELCOME THE POE's to 1998...isn't that when most people have internet in their homes!? We're only 8 years behind!!!

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