Wednesday, March 01, 2006


To a teacher, one of the greatest feelings is when her observation is over!!! It's not that I'm nervous...But kind of. I had my observation today and it went great. I taught homophones (to those of you that forgot...that is two words that sound the same but have different ant and aunt or star (the thing in the sky) and star (a movie star). The kids really got into it and are having fun making their homophone books right now. ... After school I have facutly meeting, returning my cute pink razor to get another one (it drops calls ALL of the annoying), picking up Matt's prescription (The guy on the phone at Walgreens had the nerve to say that he thought that this patient was too young to be getting that prescription and then proceeded to try and tell me why he thought Matt was taking it...dumb pharmacy man...I was in the hospital for 7 days with him...I KNOW why he takes the medicine!!! He was very annoying and, to me, not appropriate at all!!!), let the puppies potty, and then go to church. Wednesdays are hard! I always tell my sweet puppies that when I go home to let them out for 5 seconds and then put them back in their cage! I feel like a bad mommy on Wednesdays. I'm definitely counting down until Spring Break. We don't have any plans...isn't that the best!?!?!?

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