Saturday, January 16, 2016

{Santa 2015}

When we moved away from DFW, I was sad to leave lots of things...but, one of the saddest was the thought of not seeing OUR Santa every year. But, because I have an amazing husband, we have yet to miss seeing him. This year, we decided to visit Santa on the Friday after Thanksgiving. ThePoeFam got up bright and early to make the drive...and, as always, it didn't disappoint. (For most of us anyway!) Bliss loved everything about the whole experience...and even loved seeing him...until it was time to sit in his lap. Sweet girl wasn't sure what to think. So, we snapped a quick obligatory pic and got her out of his lap so the boys could share their wish list. 

Quinn asked for Lego Dimensions for the WiiU. 
Nash asked for a BB-8 remote control. 
And, they asked that he bring Bliss a Minnie Car. 
As always, he said he'd do his best...but not make any promises. And, as always, it was dreamy! 

And, even better than Santa was spending some sweet time with some of our favorites...

...and eating Bueno for every meal, of course!...

Thankful for another year of believing! We love Santa! 


Jenn-Neal said...

Quinn looks like a teenager in the pic where his straw is in his mouth. I had to do a double take. I've been following along since before Nash was born. How are your babies growing so fast?!? They are beautiful blessings!


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