Thursday, January 07, 2016

May Your 2016 Be Picture Perfect!

To no one's surprise, I'm super behind on blogging again. I have Thanksgiving, Christmas and so much more to catch up on. I'm thankful for Instagram and the way it allows me to easily capture the daily sweetness that I so adore and never want to forget. (Also, praise Jesus for ChatBooks...even though I'll NEVER catch up on ordering those either!)

But, to many people's surprise, ThePoeFam decided against sending Christmas cards this year. Since most people see posts of my family every day, it seemed like a logical thing to omit this year. That didn't mean we didn't need the amazing Chelle Cates Photography to work her magic. I am so happy with these pics that she took in her studio...picture perfect and priceless to us! 

{Taken in October 2015:
Quinn Davis: 8 1/2 years old
Nash Baylor: 5 years old
Bliss Mabry: 17 months old}

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