Monday, October 26, 2015

{18 reasons why I love this 18 month old}

My sweet baby girl, 
How do I love you? Let me count the ways. It's way too many to count. But, since you're 18 months old, here are 18 reasons why I love you so...

1. You're almost always happy. For real. You're such a good baby and go along for the ride so many times. You've gotten busier and a little harder to manage in the last 6 months, but you're still almost always a joy. 

2. You seem so girly! If I could inject glitter in your veins, I just might...but, I don't think I need to.  You seem to love all things pink, "DeeDee" (Minnie) and "Lella" (Cinderella). You carry a purse on your arm and hold your hands a little sassier when you have a bracelet on. You'll point to things and say "pretty" and have already learned to twirl. It makes this Momma very happy! 

3. Others love you. Your teachers at church say you are such a joy. 

4. You're tiny! I always loved your chunky brothers, but there's something sweet about you being so itty bitty. You're currently 20 pounds and 20.5 inches long. (Which is what Nasher was at 5 months old) I carry you around like you're tiny...and that's fine with both of us. 

5. I love to watch you play. When you get in a zone, it's the cutest. Making sure your dolls are fed and covered...dancing your princesses together or making them kiss. You're the best player in the bath tub. I still think it's your favorite place to be. 

6. Watching you love your Daddy is priceless. You get sooooo excited when he comes home from work and sooooo sad to see him go. He makes you laugh and loves you so well!

7. You adore your brothers! Sure, you can become quite the "stinker pot" when they're around, but they don't seem to mind. It's almost like you're already bossing them around. They dote over you and will do just about anything for you. They love when they get to have you upstairs without us. And they still love to watch Sofia "for you!" 

8. I love your little raspy voice. You're not talking as much as your Bubbas were at this age, but you say more and more all the time. My favorite newer words are "wobble" (waffle), "two...weee" (when we count one, you continue with two, three) and Anna, Elsa and Olaf. Pretty stinking' cute! 

9. You're still a great sleeper. You love your bed in your pretty room and never fight me at bed time. You sleep from about 8 p.m. to about 7 a.m. and nap from around 11:30 to 2:00. You sleep in a completely dark room with your rain. You've started to seem to form an attachment with your Minnie and Bunny...but LOVE to pull the stuffing out of any small hole you can find in your bumper. It makes us laugh. You still have your "pappy" but don't keep it in your mouth all night long. You often wake up and play in your bed until we come and get rarely fuss!
10. You lovvveee puppies. You get super excited every time you see one. And, every time we FaceTime Mammer & Slickpaw, you immediately ask for "WoWee" (Zoe). You also love to love on "Krobby" (Krozby) and love to boss him to go potty. You're also pretty good at animal sounds...puppy, duck, owl, wolf, fishy and kitty are on your list! Kitty is my's actually very believable! 

11. You have the most contagious laugh! It's so big and so precious! And, goodness you're ticklish! Under your chin and at the top of your legs make you laugh to where you can barely breathe. 
12. You can point out lots of you body parts...eyes, ears, tongue, nose, belly button, hair and bow. (That's a body part, right?) The cutest is when we ask you where your bow is and you don't have one on. When you reach up, your face seems so confused! 

13. Eating is not your biggest priority. You'd probably skip meals if we'd let you. But, if you must eat, "gunga" (yogurt) is your food of choice. You'll eat 4 or more tubes of yogurt a day! You also love refried beans, any cracker or bread, green beans, avocado and french fries. Candy Corn probably became the best thing you've ever tasted this month! We're working on liking meat...sometiems ketchup makes you eat a few bites. Water is your drink of don't love milk or juices. 

14. You prefer my arms over most places. I still do lots of things one handed...including cooking, getting ready, grocery shopping and more. You love to watch me put on my makeup and even found some eyeshadow under my sink this week and tried to put it on yourself. Maybe one day you can do my makeup for me! 

15. Since walking came at 16 months, you still seem like a new walker sometimes. You aren't quite running, but you're close! 
16. There came a season that you didn't like your "Pappy." (Wubbanub) You'd turn your nose up at it for a good 4 or 5 days. If I'd been smart, I'd have taken them all away then, but I missed being able to give you something when you were fussy!!! So, when you took them back, I was thankful...and now you seem to love it more than ever! It keeps you a baby longer, right? 

17. You can "Sic 'em Bears!" For real! It's the cutest thing I've ever seen...and you know it! 

18. You love to do a roll call. Especially in the make sure we're all there. "Mommy!?...Daddy?!...Bubba?!...Bubba!?" And, you love to announce to me when your'e coming down the stairs. "MOOOMMMMYYY!" It's the cutest! 

You're a're a love...and I'm so very blessed to call you mine. Even though I know these days will be distant memories far too soon, may I not take one second for granted today! 

I adore're my favorite girl in all of the world! 

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