Thursday, September 03, 2015

{Back to School Traditions}

I love a good tradition. And, so far, these night before school/morning of school traditions have been holding strong. Once again, the “Surprise Ball” was an anticipated treat. After bathtime and jammies on the Night Before School, these boys know that they get to come downstairs to open their ball. It’s so cute to watch them each year. This is a tradition I hope to continue forever and always. 372373374375

Here’s what the balls contained this year…Q on the left (part of a small lego set was the last piece and then we just gave him the rest of the box)…Nash on the right…
One thing I used to be so good about was lunches. Since life and three children have since taken over, I’m proud when the lunch gets packed. But, I was determined that I would actually put a note in Quinn’s lunch each day this year. I decided to set myself up to succeed and start the school year with enough for the whole year long. These from Lunchbox Love are the most precious. They’re colorful and have a sweet note plus a fun fact or joke. There’s also space to write a little more if you’d like. I love that they’re thoughtful, but easy! Click here to get some for your little one’s lunches! …and I also love “Lunch Lines!” It’s a little book full of jokes. Q has loved them all so far!
And a special breakfast. Not too fancy…but it feel special…and they appreciate it…so, until they don’t, I‘ll continue. 382383384
Daddy may have added the tradition of a crazy first day of school song. I think we all hope it comes back yearly! Hilarious!
Here’s to a great school year!

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