Monday, August 10, 2015

With My BUTTER HALF for a DOZEN years {& our trip to Austin}

On Saturday, August 2nd, 12 years ago, I woke up in my pretty room in Abilene…dreaming of the day that was to come. I was Brittney Broyles, but when I lay my head down on a pillow that night, I would be Brittney Poe. It was too much to take in.

On Sunday, August 2nd, 2015, I woke up next to the same man that I married 12 years ago. He wished me a Happy Anniversary before we were even really awake. Then, we got up and started our normal Sunday morning. Boys up…breakfast…Bliss up…sad Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus…got boys ready for church. Not quite the same morning that I experienced 12 years ago, but pretty great in its own way.

Then, we took a minute to trade a few gifts. I made him a fun “card” out of an egg carton and I was super surprised with a pretty box from one of my faves. He got a soccer jersey he couldn’t wait to have.

But, even though all of that was fun, I’d say that this year is one that I am even more thankful to be married to a man that truly loves me…and goodness knows I love him back! So very much! I’m so thankful that marriage is fun to us…and being together is the best place to be. IMG_8172IMG_8174962963
After Matt and the boys got home from church, Aunt Boogie and the gang showed up at our house to take care of ThePoeDudes so that Matt, Bliss and I could hit the road for Austin. Matt would be speaking at a youth retreat…but we’d have lots of time in the day to explore Austin…

First stop when we arrived was to take our annual Anniversary pic in front of this fun mural…IMG_8176IMG_8179

Texas State Capitol Building…
Baylor Street Wall Art…9891000IMG_8186IMG_8189IMG_8191
Daddy found a can with a little paint left and wrote Bliss’ name…she was too hot to be amused…IMG_8194IMG_81951006IMG_8188IMG_8197
Despite having a sad, sick little girl with Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus, she was a trooper as we explored different parts of Austin…the murals and food were my favorite parts!

And, it’s always so fun to hear my guy share God’s Word! He did an amazing job sharing the gospel with thee 175 that were at the retreat. 1016

On our 2nd day there, this one got a bit of her spunk back…behind the sad bumps and sores…101710211028102610311033
Bliss loved her little fort we made her. She slept horribly in the hotel crib the first night…but did great in this little space the other two nights. She woke up on Wednesday morning ready to go home to see her bubbas…1042
We survived the trip with our sick girly and Boogie and Derin survived the days at home with this crew. So thankful that they were able to spend so much time together while we were away…1036

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