Saturday, August 29, 2015

ThePoeFam Staycation Adventure Camp

Summers are crazy around here. With all of the Youth Group activities, we rarely stop. So, when Matt was able to take a week of vacation the week of August 10th through the 16th, we had a fun trip to South Padre Island planned. But, when it came time to actually go, we just didn't want to drive…or pack…or leave home at all! Instead of doing all of that, we came up with the idea to have ThePoeFam Staycation Adventure Camp. It was going to be a week of fun and we all couldn’t wait.

It started with setting up a tent…INSIDE! It was immediately a hit! It’s where the boys would sleep during the week…and where they could play, too!047Each day had a theme and fun activities to fill our days. But, we didn't share the theme until morning…or, sometimes, at bedtime the night before. It became much anticipated each day!

Day 1: Sweets Day085059
The boys (Quinn especially) have the biggest sweet tooth! So, when they discovered it was Sweets Day, they were a bit excited. We had donuts on a string for breakfast, Chiller Bee Ice Cream, Candy pie wars, S’mores, Donut Inner tubes for the pool and more! It was a sweet day, for sure!
Day 2: Moody Gardens Day122Nana & Pawpaw gave us the most fun day at Moody Gardens for our second day. We had a blast seeing otters, seals, brand-new butterflies, 4D movies, birds, penguins, dinosaurs, sharks and LOTS more. Such a fun day!!!


Day 3: Jammie Day
Jammie day was one of the best. We stayed home all day, ate breakfast for every meal, played iPods, watched shows, did crafts, built with Legos and more. And this was the day that the tent got moved into the living room!
One craft was this amazing idea from Carrie Rogers…teaching this verse and paining our own nesting dolls to give such a beautiful picture of what it means. The boys loved it…and I loved making Bliss a set. 132
The sweetest part of our day was at the end. We introduced our new school year theme verse to the boys. (Ephesians 2:4-10) Matt read it and explained what it meant…especially the part about being God’s workmanship. Then, the boys were given a block of wood and were to illustrate special things that God made in his brother. It was so sweet hearing Nash describe the special things about Quinn and Quinn describe the special things about Nash. I am so thankful that they have one another and I can’t wait to watch them learn this verse together this year. 138140145
They were so proud of their gift from their Bubba…
Day 4: Movie Day173
We started with a trip to the theater to see Rio 2…had popcorn and candy for lunch…watched a movie at home in the afternoon and ended with a movie IN OUR POOL at night after Bliss went to bed. Space Jam was so fun and the boys loved watching it from the hot tub. My favorite quote from the day was from Quinn…”is Michael Jordan still alive?” I think we’re officially old!

Day 5: Ice Day
Pinterest to the rescue! ThePoeTrio loved all of the fun ice activities we did and were big fans when we introduced them to the greatness that is “Ice Ice Baby!” Also, how can you pass up dining on a Bahama Bucks when it’s Ice Day!?
Frozen Dino Eggs (dinos frozen in balloons and then cut open after frozen)…174175176180
Freeze & Free some fun Sussies…

Ice Bombs (jello, baking soda, alphabet beads and water frozen in ice trays…then “exploded” with vinegar to find the letters of their name)…
Day 6: Date Day
We took a trip to the mall and split…special dates all around (with Bliss crashing a few of them)…
Quinn & Daddy: Starbucks and Barnes and Noble to get his Summer Reading Book Reward
Quinn & Mommy: Candy Store and Dining on our candy
Matt & Nash: Getting a little Sussy & Dippin’ Dots
Mommy & Nash: Barnes and Noble for Summer Reading Book Reward, Carousel and the Lego Store227
I even got an “I’m so thankful you’re my Mommy” and “thank you for planning all of these fun days” from my first born. Just about enough to make a Momma cry!
I love that he wanted to ride the Carousel…it was the perfect reminder of how little he still is!
I prayed that God would give us the most special week…full of fun and each other! And, goodness did he answer! It was really a wonderful week. Sure we had our moments of {OMGGGGG….THIS HAS BEEN A LOT OF TOGETHERNESS!!!!}…but, overall it was pretty perfect! I’m so thankful for my family and the memories that ThePoeFam Staycation Adventure Camp held! We may just have to do it again next year!152

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