Monday, May 11, 2015

{2nd grade Egg Hunt}

I’m so thankful that, more times than not, we all get to be at Quinn’s school events. On Thursday, April 2nd, we all got to be a part of the 2nd grade Easter Egg Hunt. With NINE second grade classes, there were LOTS of kids and LOTS of eggs. Each child had 5 with their name on it…and they weren’t supposed to help each other. It was quite a difficult hunt. But, within minutes of beginning, Nash came up tn Quinn and had already found one of his eggs. Gotta love little brothers! …Bliss was such a doll and loved watching all of the big kids. At one point, Matt said, “remember when we came to Quinn’s Egg Hunt and took a million pics of Bliss!?” How could we resist?! …Such a fun afternoon with our biggest boy! IMG_6147


IMG_6148  IMG_6149

IMG_6157  IMG_6159


IMG_6168  IMG_6184


IMG_6188  IMG_6193




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