Friday, March 20, 2015

The Poe Dudes Room Redo

The first weekend of Spring Break, Nana & Pawpaw took the boys to see their cousins so that Matt, Bliss and I could get to work on a BIG surprise room re-do for the boys. We’d been collecting things for a while and were anxious to make it all happen. Since the “Bear Pit” (closet under the stairs) wasn’t the choice hang out anymore, we decided to bring the Bear Pit to their room. The Baylor Bear in me had MORE fun collecting the perfect green & gold things to make the room perfectly perfect…and Matt was quite the handyman…building and painting/staining the valance, TV stand/storage and bed frame. Of course, things are never as easy as you hope they’ll be, but after some blood, sweat and tears, it all came together just as we’d hoped.

On Saturday afternoon, we anxiously awaiting their arrival…and had their old room pic taped to their door…”Fixer Upper” style…
And, when you open the door, you’re hit in the face with the coolest “Sic ‘em Bears” room you’ve ever seen…IMG_5777IMG_5779IMG_5780IMG_5782IMG_5783IMG_5786IMG_5787IMG_5788


Bliss was quite the little helper all weekend…into everything all of the time…IMG_5806

And we couldn’t have been happier with the Poe Dudes’ response. They were so excited and loved their new room. Since then, they’ve not only kept it clean, but they’ve LOVED falling asleep to movies and “working” at their desks. The big bed on bottom serves as a great place for brothers to sleep…and they’ve thanked us over and over again. It’s safe to say that room decorating ranks right up there next to party planning in my heart.


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Kendra said...

LOVE this!! Now my wheels are turning as to how I am going to redo my big guy's room.