Thursday, March 19, 2015


I’m officially closer to 40 than I am to 30.
If I had another baby, I’d be “advanced maternal age!” {no plans, don’t worry}
I think I officially look like “a mom!”  (The guy at Abercrombie Kid told me my son would love the shirt I chose…and I secretly wondered if he thought I looked old enough to have a son that wore a shirt that size.)
I happily go to bed around 10 and dinner is usually served in the 5 o’clock hour.
Going to the grocery store by myself feels like a vacation and I love a date night to dinner and to Home Goods.
Kids are looking younger….and ages that used to see “old” don’t seem quite so old anymore.

But, goodness me, I’m happy! I love my husband…like, seriously LOVE him…and we have THREE KIDS! THREE KIDS IS A LOT OF KIDS! So, I’ll embrace 35…there’s no reason not to!

Here’s my February 11, 2015…
I woke up to this precious display…Matt woke the boys up SUPER early to go get me flowers and donuts. Such a sweet surprise.
And then there’s this!! The sweetest and most thoughtful gift ever. IMG_0888
I told my husband what I wanted for my birthday was a HUGE, abstract-ish painting of our children. Most husbands would laugh at this near impossible request. But, not mine. He painted this and I adore it. The pic of it doesn’t do it justice…such a priceless keepsake! IMG_0892
Mammer, Bliss and I did a little morning shopping at the mall. And, for lunch, we dined at Ruggles Green…yum…
Then, after picking up Q from school a little early, the boys took me to Kendra Scott to buy me something special. Slickpaw and Mammer got me something too. Such fun! IMG_0909IMG_0913
Then it was more shopping…
Before church, I had a little photo shoot with my girly…my first Birthday as a Girl Momma…IMG_5640IMG_5641IMG_5642
And, of course the annual nose picture…
Dinner at church was pink pancakes for Valentine’s Day. But, the boys totally thought it was for my birthday! IMG_0936

It was a great day! One that put me to sleep as one thankful, loved Momma!

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