Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Force Was Strong This Halloween: 2014

Are you ready for picture overload? Mainly of the cutest little Princess Leia you’ve ever seen? Well, good! Here’s a little glimpse into Bliss’ First Halloween. We got to get all dressed up twice…once for our church’s preschool Trunk or Treat on Sunday the 26th and once on the real day! My “force” was quite the sight…so excited and so proud to be the perfect trio! And, even though my Love/Hate feeling towards Halloween will probably never change, the moments of capturing their innocence in their costumes…and watching them excitedly Trick or Treat is pretty priceless. Especially when your 7 1/2 year old decides to chant the whole “Trick or Treat Smell My Feet” to an old lady…all the way to the “pull down your underwear” part. Mercy me.

I can honestly say that I’m glad it’s over (we had LOTS of scary houses in our new neighborhood)…and that I can’t wait to do it all over again next year! If that makes sense!?
Haloween 2014 120Haloween 2014 109Haloween 2014 115Haloween 2014 116Haloween 2014 118Haloween 2014 071Haloween 2014 074
That wig…those buns…have you ever? Haloween 2014 083Haloween 2014 085

Haloween 2014 132
Haloween 2014 138Haloween 2014 140
Haloween 2014 143Haloween 2014 144

Trunk or Treat fun…
Haloween 2014 151Haloween 2014 153Haloween 2014 155Haloween 2014 158Haloween 2014 160Haloween 2014 162Haloween 2014 165

Haloween 2014 169Haloween 2014 170Haloween 2014 173Haloween 2014 176Haloween 2014 178Haloween 2014 180

Bliss’ First Halloween…The traditional pumpkin pic…Halloween 2014 052Halloween 2014 055Halloween 2014 059Halloween 2014 061Halloween 2014 063Halloween 2014 069Halloween 2014 070Halloween 2014 073Halloween 2014 075Halloween 2014 079Halloween 2014 080Halloween 2014 081Halloween 2014 084Halloween 2014 087Halloween 2014 091Halloween 2014 092Halloween 2014 094
Someone was proud of his spoils…”take a picture of me hugging my candy, Momma…” Halloween 2014 095Halloween 2014 096

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Le Ann said...

Cutest kids ever! Love Princess Leia!