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Bliss Mabry Poe: Three Months.

Three months and before 040Sweet Bliss Priss,
What a busy and fun month you’ve had!!! Summer is in full swing and you’re having fun going along for the ride. We’ve had swim parties for the youth group, lots of friends and family over for visits (including meeting Mock-a-Moly and your Great Uncle Brandon, Aunt Karen and Second Cousins), your first Forth of July, celebrating Nash’s 4th birthday, your first Vacation Bible School (and your first time in “your class”), and your first week away from Daddy while he went to Mission Trip in New Orleans!
Three months and before 041  Three months and before 042
Apparently, all of those things wore you out, because you decided to sleep lots longer at night. You’ve slept through the night (10 or more hours) a good amount of times and are just waking up once to eat on the other nights. You’re still not on a real schedule…we’re just too busy for Mommy to care and you’re happy to go with the flow as long as you’re fed!
 Three months and before 044
Three months and before 045
You’re such a JOYFUL girl! You had your first laugh on the 4th of July at almost 10 weeks old. Your Daddy was doing something crazy and you found it hilarious! We quickly got it on video and all of your grandparents and Aunt Boogie and your cousins were here to witness it. It was such a sweet moment! Thankfully, you’re not as fussy in the car now since we got the toy that goes across your car seat. It has a smiley flower that sings and lights up…you ADORE her. We even named her “Gladys” because she makes you so glad! You beam and coo at her every time you get in your seat! 
 Three months and before 050

Three months and before 053  Three months and before 055

Three months and before 056It’s so sweet to watch you as you grow! You’re obviously becoming more and more obsessed with your brothers and smile at them ALWAYS! You’re getting stronger and stronger on your tummy and still love to “walk” up our tummies when we hold you. You’ve found your hands and still love looking at your feet/shoes when you “sit up!”
Three months and before 057
Three months and before 059It’s no secret that I’m having TOO much fun with you! It’s like having a little girlfriend with me always. Dressing you and shopping with and for you is just a dream come true! I get so excited to pick out your clothes each day and love taking your picture in each thing you wear. Shannon and Mammer get a picture daily and oooh and ahhh at your cuteness. When it gets still and I am rocking you, I get tears in my eyes at the fact that you’re mine! My sweet, beautiful girl!! Will it ever sink in?
Three months and before 063  Three months and before 064
So, Happy 3 months to you, my Happy Girl! I love you more than you’ll ever know!
Your Mommy
Three months and before 065
At 3 months old, you love…
Gladys, your car seat toy
Smiling at your brothers
Laughing at your Daddy
Being comforted by Mommy
Bath time with Mommy
Playing on your white rug in your room
Swimming in your swimming pool
Being in the Baby Bjorn
Looking at yourself in the mirror
Sleeping on your tummy
Being outside

At 3 months old, you don’t love…
Being hungry
Not much else…such a sweet girl!!!  

I don’t want to forget…
The way your eyes sparkle.
How you smile with your WHOLE body.
The way your laugh sounds.
How you stop eating to look at me.
The way you kick in the pool.
How hilarious it is when you avoid eye contact.
The way you crinkle your nose like Mommy! 

Three months and before 066

Quinn 3 months 3 months and 3_5 years 012 Three months and before 044

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