Saturday, July 19, 2014

“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.” –Charles Spurgeon

Tonight, while swimming, the boys and Matt found a lone snail on the basketball hoop.

He soon became a fun source of entertainment. Crawling around the table…inside and around Nash’s bracelet.

But, then “Sluggy” got brave and decided to venture out…VBS & the snail 012
If he can think, I sure wonder what was on his mind…VBS & the snail 014
Especially as he approached this…
VBS & the snail 016VBS & the snail 019VBS & the snail 020VBS & the snail 022
It was at that moment that THIS one freaked out that the snail slime was on the Lego Guy he was wanting to play with…

And, when I showed him these two crazy, silly pictures of his whiny faces…
VBS & the snail 023VBS & the snail 024
His frown quickly turned upside down!…
VBS & the snail 025VBS & the snail 026
And, amidst all of the snail excitement , this one was happily doing her own thing smiling at her bouncy seat flowers…
VBS & the snail 029
Fun memories all around!

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