Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bliss’ First Fourth!

What a fun 4th (and days before and after!) …Bliss’ first was full of family (we had 18 family members +  2 dogs, to be exact!)…food …and FIREWORKS!!!  It’s legal to shoot off fireworks in our new city…and the kids had a blast! Who am I kidding? The grown-up kids had a blast too! Take a peek into our holiday… 4th of July 0024th of July 0084th of July 0054th of July 0114th of July 0154th of July 0164th of July 0174th of July 022
Uncle Brandon showing off the shark teeth from the shark they caught in Galveeston the day before…4th of July 024
These two…love how they love eachother…4th of July 026
Cute Krozby…
4th of July 029
First visit to a Fireworks stand…4th of July 0334th of July 0344th of July 0364th of July 0374th of July 0394th of July 0424th of July 0434th of July 0454th of July 049
This was the crowd fave…4th of July 0534th of July 0544th of July 0584th of July 0464th of July 059
Slickpaw bought us all safety glasses…4th of July 0614th of July 068

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