Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bliss Mabry Poe: One Month

one month 002Sweet Little Sister,
A whole month you’ve been here! And, it’s true when we all say we can’t imagine life without you. You definitely make us all better…you make us laugh…you make us smile…you melt our hearts! I’m already amazed by your smiles. It doesn’t seem normal for an itty bitty to smile so much! You’re our “happy girl” and we’ll never get over how that open-mouthed, gummy, side grin makes us feel!
one month 004one month 005

one month 008
You’ve been a busy, busy girl in your first month of life. Shopping…picking up brothers from school…soccer games…choir programs…school parties & conferences…cousin parties & playtimes…first Sunday to church…girl’s nights out with Mommy’s friends…and so much more. Where we go, you go! And, as long as you’re asleep in your carseat or in someone’s arms, you’re usually in pretty good spirits. one month 009
one month 012
It’s hard for me to get over that you’re so beautiful…and that you’re a girl! I know that sound silly…but, maybe I’ll never get over it. I’m so beyond thankful! I kiss you a billion times a day and love picking out your clothes with matching bows. A dream come true for your Momma!!! one month 021one month 023one month 034
You love…
Being in our arms.
Sleeping on your tummy. (yikes.)
Your Wubba Nub.
Listening to your brothers.
Being in your backyard. 
Looking at windows.
Being talked to.
Napping in our bed…or even in yours a few times.
Bath time with Mommy. 
 one month 025
You don’t love…
Your car seat. (you scream and SCREEEEEAM!!!)
Being put down for very long.
one month 026
I don’t want to forget…
The amazing way you smell.
Your violent hiccups…and how I can still imagine them from the inside too.
The precious way you look at me.
How it feels to be the one that can make you stop crying in the middle of the night.
How tiny your nails are. {and the rest of you too!}
The days that I can do almost anything while holding you!
one month 030
You are loved, little girl! We are having so much fun with you in our family and we praise Jesus for blessing us with you…our sweet Bliss Mabry Poe!
Lots of hugs and kisses,
Your Mommy

{Quinn, Nasher and Bliss: One Month Old}
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