Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Bliss Mabry Poe: Brand New!

Bliss' First Week 041
Sweet Bliss,
I can’t believe you’re here! For a week and 4 days I have been the Mommy of a little girl…and, it already seems different than being a Mommy to little boys! I’m so thankful that you’re out of my tummy and in my arms. I feel like you were in there FOREVER!
Bliss' First Week 022Bliss' First Week 030
I love talking to you about girly things…like your pretty dresses and your room! And, shopping with you in tow is so much fun. We’ve already been to Hobby Lobby, Target and Carter’s together! I just know we’re going to love shopping together for always. Bliss' First Week 025

Bliss' First Week 033Bliss' First Week 035

Bliss' First Week 036In your short time in our care, you’ve been such a good baby…soaking in the world around you and happily looking at everything you can see. Needless to say, I’m in mad LOVE with you…we all are! Your Daddy got mad at me for “pulling your legs” when I put on your jammies and your Big Bubbas are OBSSESSED with you! You get hundreds of kisses and hugs a day from them.
Bliss' First Week 037
Bliss' First Week 042You’ve already had lots of firsts…
Your first Doctor’s appointment was at 3 days old.
Your first outing (other than the doc) was to Daddy’s office on that same day.
Your first photo shoot with Chelle at 1 week old.
Your first time to church was at 1 week and 1 day old for Quinn’s Choir Program.
Your first time to not wear pink was to Nash’s Cinco De Mayo party. {wink}
And, we’re pretty sure you’ve already had your first smile…even though it seems crazy! Bliss' First Week 029Bliss' First Week 045Bliss' First Week 047
You love…
To sleep. {and you do SO much of it!}
Being held.
Your passy…especially your Wub-a-nub.
Looking around your room. 
Being held by your brothers while they sing to you.
Your Daddy.

You don’t love…
Being swaddled with your arms in. 
Being hungry.

Bliss' First Week 051

 Bliss' First Week 052Bliss' First Week 053
I don’t want to forget…
The way you squeak when you cry. 
The way you flex your fingers like you’re looking at your painted nails.
The way you try to climb up to get yourself right under our necks.
How you always sneeze more than once.
How you smile while you dream.
How tiny every part of you is.
How in love your brothers are with you and how they want to hold you all of the time.
How you make me feel like I have a real, live baby doll! Bliss' First Week 055I love you, Sweet Little Sister! I am already beyond thankful that God blessed me with a sweet little girl! I get teary when I listen to “your songs” and my heart truly swells when I think about all of the amazing memories our family is gong to make together. Having a daughter is already more than I ever could have dreamed!
Your Mommy

{pics taken at 1 week, 1 day old!}

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