Sunday, April 06, 2014

Quinn Davis Poe: Seven.

IMG_1795My sweet big boy,
SEVEN!!! How are you seven? I’ve always said that the age you are sounds so big…but I MEAN IT this time! Seven is BIG! No longer a baby…no longer a toddler…a BIG BOY! Big teeth growing in…long, lanky legs…able to do so much by yourself…BIG! I must admit that it’s heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time! I love that we have real conversations…and pray real prayers together…but, you still think I hang the moon, and you still want me to tickle your back and sing you songs! You’ll forever be my baby!

I think our big move in January was harder on you than you even realize, but you’re doing so great! You adjusted so well to your new school and seem to make friends wherever you go. Thankfully, reading and your school work comes really easily for you and you never seem to complain. (even though homework is not your favorite thing!) You love our new church and enjoy going every time we walk through the doors. But, I could tell that the move was hard. Just something about it…about you. Just lots of change! You went through another sleeping strike…and had lots of bad dreams…but, you seem to be doing better now! IMG_1781

Even though you do make friends (and have made a few that you talk about more often than others), I could not be more thankful that you have a built in buddy in Nash. Even though there are times when you get on one another’s nerves, you truly are the best of friends. When you’re both home, you’re inseparable…playing Legos or Imaginext, riding scooters outside, watching shows, playing Wii and more. You get frustrated when he can't do things that you can…and I have to remind you that he’s only 3! You’re usually quick to have patience. When he cries because he didn’t get what he wanted, you almost always give in to him. I hate that and love it at the same time! I love how you help him reach things that are too tall…or help him get dressed…or tie his shoes. You truly are the BEST big brother!

On top of being a big brother to Nasher, you’re only weeks away from being the Biggest Brother in the house as you become a big bro to Bliss too. You”re so excited for there to be a “baby” and a “little girl” in our house. A few weeks ago you got super concerned that you’d be at school when she was born…but we assured you that someone would come and get you! How she’s going to adore you!!!

Your very favorite things right now are to be home…building Lego sets wins as the activity of choice almost EVERY time! You love it and seeing the Lego Movie seemed to make you even more creative. It never fails that you need to show me what you’ve built and will come all the way downstairs to find me and do just that. You do enjoy playing outside, but not for too long. (unless we’re at a park…you love climbing at a playground.) You have NO desire to learn how to ride a bike or to play many sports. You were signed up for a soccer league, but quickly decided that it just really wasn’t what you wanted to do. We’re fine with that, but told you that you have to choose SOMETHING! So, you chose golf…and you seem super excited! We’ll see how it goes.

You still enjoy watching shows and are sweet to “take turns” with Nash when choosing. Your shows of choice would always be Chima or Ninjago. You and Nash both laugh really hard at Wallykazam and you both enjoy watching movies in the car. You’ve gotten into liking music too. You request certain songs in the car and like to have music on at home, too!

Thankfully, you’re a really good helper! You can unload all of the “kid stuff” and silverware from the dishwasher, you help put away laundry, you’re good at picking up your stuff and try really hard when asked to make your bed. (Which, let’s be honest, most days…I don’t care if it’s made or not!) It’s nice that you can help carry in groceries and you’ve started being quite the gentleman to open my car door if you get out and come around before I have a chance to get out. You can get your own snack and drink…and even breakfast on mornings that Daddy and I get to stay in bed a little longer.

Speaking of sleep…you still don’t need much! It baffles me! On school nights, you go to bed around 8:30 and we rarely have to wake you up. You’re usually up on your own around 6:00 or a little later. It doesn’t matter how late you stay up, you still don’t sleep in. And you NEVER take a nap or accidentally fall asleep. You have more energy than you know what to do with and don’t like being still. You’re very wiggly/bouncy/active! Your teacher says you even do most of your work standing up…but that it doesn’t keep you from doing a good job and getting it done. So funny!

IMG_1798  IMG_1799IMG_1800  IMG_1801

I’m pretty sure you eat real food so that you can have dessert. The second you take your last bite of your meal, you ask if you can have dessert. I should let you have all that you want because you are skin and bones. I guess it’s all of that wiggling I was talking about! Your favorite restaurants are still McDonald’s (cheeseburger with meat and cheese only) and Chick-fil-a. You have recently started LOVING Genghis Grill and love Chinese food! You hate when we make you get water at a restaurant…such torture! You take your lunch to school everyday and don’t like the looks of the food at your new school enough to even try it. I try to change up your lunch often…and you eat all of it most of the time! You LOVE breakfast…because it’s sweet! Waffles, bagels, fruit, cereal, pancakes, yogurt…you can’t get enough. You also love Vanilla almond milk and regular milk and chocolate milk. Juice is never your first choice.

Bedtime is really the only time that you chose to read. And, most of the time, it’s one of your Bibles. Since you get scared at night time, we decided that filling your mind with God’s Word was the smartest thing to do…and you agree. The way that you pray and talk about Bible stories and how they apply to you are so precious to us. We know you’ve asked Jesus in your heart, and you are certain of that too, but baptism is not something you seem quite ready to do. We look forward to do the day that you feel ready to share your decision with your church.

On top of all of that…
You HATE jeans and fuss when you have to wear them…and “button shirts”…you hate those too!
You request to “look at toys” every time we’re in a store that has them.
Your sweet little monkey, “Milo”, is still always there when it’s bedtime.
You come down stairs wrapped in your Ninja Turtle blanket EVERY morning.
You still twirl your hair…a lot! I can still picture your baby self doing the exact same thing!
Your eyes are seriously stunning! People compliment them every where you go.
We have to tell you to sit down when watching a show. You somehow end up about a foot from the TV every time.
You’ve lost 6 teeth…and your big ones are coming in!
You and Nash always take baths together…and fight over who gets to sit in the front.
You’re tough…it takes a lot for you to cry…physically or emotionally.
You’re goofy…and silly!
I immediately know when you feel guilty or when something’s wrong. You're an open book!
You’re a little nosey…we have to be careful what we say around you.
You love to talk! You always have.
You hum and sing a lot!


And, you’re all I could have ever imagined having a little boy could be! I’m so thankful that you’re mine…all the crazy…loving…rambunctious…sweet parts of you! You’ll forever be my Sweet Love….and I’ll forever be your VERY biggest fan!
I love you more than Strawberries…and Diet Coke…and Disney World,


And a little Q&A:
Do you like to sleep?
N-O. Well, sometimes, because the next day is a special day sometimes.

What is your favorite thing to eat/drink? 
Snowcones, Ramen, Peach Sprite

What are your favorite shows?
Chima, Wallykazam, Ninjago

What are your favorite songs? 
The Mighty Quinn, Chima song and Ninjago song

What makes you sad/frustrated?
When Nash stops playing before I want to stop on the Wii.

What makes you happy?
Getting sussies, opening birthday presents, playing with toys, having a picnic and watching a fun movie

What makes you laugh?
Daddy, Slickpaw, Nash, Bob Goblin on Wallykazam

What is love?

What do you know about Jesus?
He is the answer to everything and that all of the stories in the Bible about Him are true.

What is your favorite Bible story? 

Who do you love to be with?
My family and friends

Where do you love to go? 
Disney World, Lego Land, Home

Is being seven better than being six?
Yes, because my friends are seven. 

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Christie said...

I love this idea of writing letters to your kids. However, if I didn't know better, I would think this letter was written about Luke! Quinn and Luke have A LOT in common. We've got to get these boys together soon!
Christie Philpot