Saturday, March 29, 2014

Miss Bliss Priss’ Room Reveal

“A girl should be two things:
classy and fabulous.”
-Coco Chanel

So, to say we had fun decorating a little girl’s room would be a bit of an understatement. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve always LOVED decorating little boy’s rooms too! But, there’s something about PINK…and GOLD…and SPARKLES!!! I just can’t get over the fact that a bundle of pink will be LIVING in that room in a few weeks! Who will she look like? How girly will she be? The thought of it all is TOO exciting for words!

It is without further adieu that we present her room to you. There are a few things we can’t add until after she’s born…but, for the most part, it’s finished…

Come on in…
The walls are Sherwin-Williams Diminutive Pink. It’s the perfect, soft shade for our little miss.

Now, here’s a clockwise glance at some of the details…

The boys painted these sweet prints for her room. They used acrylic paints on watercolor paper and then chose sweet wooden accents that they painted and put on top. Then, Mammer had the PERFECT frames. I love how they turned out…

IMG_1665Here’s her changing table/dresser and little shelves. The darling gold polk-a-dot changing pad cover is from the talented Holly at Modified Tot. She has an amazing Etsy store with custom bedding and accents. You MUST check it out! IMG_1670

The pretty knobs are from Hobby Lobby and this fun, fabric mirror on her closet door is from Ikea. IMG_1617  IMG_1619

IMG_1620  IMG_1621


I do love her layered drapes…another Ikea find…
IMG_1628  IMG_1629
The pictures to the left of her crib are super special. Three of the baby pics I got when I was pregnant with Quinn and waiting to find out if he was a boy or a girl. The pink flowers were painted by my Great Aunt Imogene and the sweet baby on the right was in Slickpaw’s nursery when he was a baby.  IMG_1639Here’s another look at her bed. The bedding was some I LOVED at a boutique when I was pregnant with Nash…but it was CRAZY expensive. When I found out that Bliss was a girl, it randomly popped up on a resale shop on my Facebook feed. The WHOLE set…bumper, bed skirt, valance, laundry hamper, canopy, 4 sheets and lamp shade…for $100. I quickly snagged it! I think it’s so sweet!
IMG_1640Mammer tied lots of sweet little bows…
IMG_1643   IMG_1648  IMG_1644
You’ve already seen her stunning 3 foot monogram…I love it so!…IMG_1650
IMG_1652To the right of her crib is her rocking chair and little table. We’re ordering a print after Bliss is born that will go above the chair. I can’t wait for it to hang there. And, I love the way the double rocker looks in here. (a gift from Nana & Pawpaw) The accent pillows (one a gift from Mammer & Slickpaw and one from Modified Tot) are a perfect touch!
  IMG_1654  IMG_1653

IMG_1655Then, my Gackey’s dresser! I’ve always loved it so much but I love it even more in my little girl’s room. We added fun knobs from Hobby Lobby and my collection of saucers to the wall! IMG_1657

Her crown and baby doll are just ready and waiting for newborn pics…
IMG_1659  IMG_1681


IMG_1662  IMG_1663

  IMG_1673IMG_1678  IMG_1677
And now that the closet and drawers are filling up…showers have been attended (details coming soon)…Quinn’s birthday has been celebrated (more details coming soon on that, too!) and the bags for the hospital are officially packed, we’re ready! We can’t wait to meet our Miss Bliss Priss and show her the room we’ve worked on so hard for her!!!


Meredith said...

That looks awesome Brittney! Now, just ready for Bliss, can't wait to meet her!!! Doesn't it just feel like yesterday that you, Kara and me were going over to each other's houses to check out our baby boys' nurseries?? 7 years ago?!?!

angelica said...
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angelica said...

Absolutely stunning! I have followed your blog for so long and was anticipating the arrival of your second son! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with the world! This is so much fun! AND it makes me want to add another to our two daughters group!!

God bless your sweet family!

twinkietotmom said...

Seriously sweet room. Fit for a princess for sure. When we found out we were having girls, I knew I wanted a pink room for them. 4 & half years later I'm so sick of pink (lol!) We just redid their room during spring break to a pale violet with turquoise, orange, and brown pops. It's refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful room! I simply adore her monogram- I might have to get myself one! I have been following your precious family for a few months now and have finally decided it was time I say hello so thank you for sharing!

The Howell's said...

LOVE! What a gorgeous room.

Janine said...

Congrats on your sweet girl. Her room is gorgeous! You have an eye for design - you could be an interior designer!