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Quinn Davis Poe: 6 {& almost 1/2!}

Q is 6!!! 004My sweet Love Bug,
As I sit here trying to type this (super late) letter to capture 6 year old you, you sit next to me…and, you never stop talking! You’re playing your iPod and telling me every single detail of what you’re seeing. You love my opinion on what to “buy” with your points and you love for me to look at everything you do. You snuggle up next to me, wrapped up in a blanket and still in your jammie pants, and choose to buy the “pink guy” because you know I love pink. You’re precious!Q is 6!!! 003
Q is 6!!! 002It’s still hard for me to believe that you finished Kindergarten and are heading in to 1st grade in a few, short weeks. You totally rocked Kindergarten and learned to love school…for that, I am SO very thankful! And, you seem excited for 1st grade! Not exactly counting down the days but not dreading it either. I must admit that I feel the same way. This time last year, I was a puddle of emotions. But, now, I know we can do it! And, I know that you’ll still be my baby even though you go to school.

You still have such an amazing imagination and love to play! Video games, shows and IPods could take up the main portion of any of your days if I let them, but, I’m thankful of how great you still play with your toys! It’s so fun to listen to you battle, fight and make up extravagant stories with your Legos, Ninja Turtles or Imaginext. I also love how you let your baby brother play with you and let him become a part of the story! I love it when y’all get in your “groove” and both of your imaginations are running wild! On top of that, I love it when y’all dig in your dress up box (despite my cringing over the INSANE mess you make) and come downstairs in the most hilarious combinations. Nash has followed your lead and does the same…you both crack us up with your scenarios and “fights!” Brothers, for sure! Q is 6!!! 006  Q is 6!!! 007
I think you live for dessert. The second you finish your meal, you want dessert. I think it’s the reason why you eat…so that you can have the sweet stuff. But, it doesn’t matter…because you are SKIN and BONES! Tall and lanky…and not an ounce of fat! Thankfully, your last two dentist reports have been NO CAVITIES, too! So, I think it’s safe to say that you can eat dessert first from now on! (Just Kidding!)
Q is 6!!! 010

Q is 6!!! 013
  Q is 6!!! 014
You’re a reader! Seriously, a reader! It’s amazing how it happened overnight!!! (around Christmastime it just clicked!) It’s true that it opens up a whole new world. You wouldn't necessarily choose to read during the day, but you LOVE to read at bedtime. You usually read your Bible or Bible stories until you fall asleep. I know it has made bedtime so much easier and fears so much less. God’s Word is so amazing and we pray you always choose to let it be the thing that calms your soul. But, because you’re a reader, we have to be careful…you’ll read things in bathrooms (about pregnancy and alcohol consumption) that bring lots of questions or you’ll see upcoming surprise plans written in my planner! You love to read the back of the cereal box when you’re eating breakfast or the menus at restaurants. It really has made our lives easier!
Q is 6!!! 017Going to Kindergarten and being 6 has also seemed to make your more adventurous and more BOY! You love to climb, ride your scooter and play at playgrounds like never before and are more daring that I ever expected you to be! You also became a great swimmer this Summer and love to cannonball and dive to the bottom to retrieve things. Playing soccer has proven that you’re still not super aggressive, but that’s ok! You enjoy it and you try…and, that’s all that matters to us!
Q is 6!!! 026
Q is 6!!! 030You’re an amazing big brother! Sure, you love to pester at times, but, overall, you’re a dream! You take care of your Nasher and he knows it. You’ll help him get his jammies on, you’ll explain new games to him, you’ll get him a snack and more. In some ways, you make my job easier. You wouldn’t hesitate to say that he’s your best buddy and that makes me so very proud! Q is 6!!! 005It’s obvious that your relationship with the Lord is growing stronger and stronger. You think to pray in different situations and you soak up time reading and hearing God’s Word. You ask questions that I’m sure I didn’t think about until high school and are ready to talk about being baptized. We are praying that the Holy Spirit continues to stir your heart as you grow in Him!
Q is 6!!! 001On top of all of that…

You’re wiggly.
You’re rarely tired…and never sleep in. (unless 7:00 is sleeping in)
You still dance when you need to go potty.
You can turn on shows by yourself.
You’re not very patient.
You’re a precious friend.
You don’t love answering questions from adults. We’re working on that.
You’re always making up silly songs.
You’re a champion at picking up your play room…even though it doesn’t always come with a joyful heart.
You never pull away from my affection.
You now have a precious gap in between your two front teeth because they’re wiggly.
You HAVE to have your monkey, Milo, when it’s bedtime!
You have to look at the toy isle every time we go to the store.
You love wearing “comfy clothes!”
You still love “Old McDonalds’s.”
You rinse and put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
You send text messages. Seriously?! You’re 6!
You will watch the same Ninja Turtles episode 100 times and still be in awe.
You’re obedient.
You play your Ipod on your top bunk while Nash naps. It’s our little secret!
Your favorite meal is breakfast…and, you eat a ton! (this morning it was 5 waffles!)
You hate Ross. (the store)
You still play well by yourself.
You still call me Momma or Mommy…and get SO mad if Nash calls me “Mom!”
You still want me to hold you during worship at church. And, I do!
Q is 6!!! 009And, you’re all I could ever hope for! I’m so thankful for the unique and amazing little guy you are and so look forward to watching you grow and learn even more as a SIX year old!

I love you more than snowcones,
Your Momma

And a little Q&A:
Do you like to sleep?
That’s a medium. Sometimes when I’m cold, I like getting in my covers. But, when I’m not tired and I really want to play, I don’t want to sleep.

What is your favorite thing to eat/drink?
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich and Goldfish. And, I love Banana Milkshakes.

What are your favorite shows?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and those short Angry Bird shows on my Ipod.

What are your favorite songs? 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Song and the songs at Cruse’s house  

What makes you sad/frustrated?
Sometimes Nash takes my stuff and kinda when I get hurt or get a correction.

What makes you happy?
Daddy, watching shows, playing with Nash when he’s a monkey just like me, swimming…that’s a lot!

What makes you laugh?
Daddy, when people are funny, when somebody tickles me, Nash when he does his funny dances

What is love?
When you like somebody a lot, if you marry somebody

What do you know about Jesus?
He is love. He’s the Savior of the world. He’s God’s son. He is the Holy Spirit, too.

What is your favorite Bible story? 
I love the ones about Moses when he helps the people and I like when he brought up the tablets for the 10 Commandments.  

Who do you love to be with?
Garrett and Nash. Momma and Daddy. Mammer, Slickpaw and the T.V. Dane. Nana and Pawpaw.

Where do you love to go?
McDonald’s. Toys R Us. Target to get toys. Disney World.

Is being six better than being five?
Yes, because you can do bigger boy stuff that’s better like going on humongous water slides.
Q is 6!!! 019

Q is 6!!! 023

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