Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Nasher is THREE!!!

In one hand it’s hard to believe…in the other, I swear he’s been two for at least three years! But, with much anticipation, Nash celebrated his 3rd birthday! We had such a blast celebrating our Chubber Bubs starting on July 5th. (the day before his real birthday!)

With lots of blood, sweat and muscles, Matt (with the help of all of the grandparents and me) put together Nash’s big gift…his new trampoline! Of course, it wasn’t as easy as we hoped it would be (let’s just say that holes had to be dug), but we got it done and presented it to Nash the evening before his birthday! Needless to say, he was excited and couldn’t wait to try it out! Nash's Bday SPaw's Camera 050

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 113

Nash's Bday SPaw's Camera 061
  Nash is 3 and Glorieta 118

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 121

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 122

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 125

After swimming and baths, Nash got to open one present from Mammer and Slickpaw…new jammies! His excitement was PRECIOUS!
Nash's Bday SPaw's Camera 072
And, after kissing my two year old one last time, he slept and woke up as a big THREE YEAR OLD!!! The grandparents and Matt and I were making coffee in the kitchen as he snuck up on us. He walked straight to me with the most darling look on his face…just waiting for us to wish him a Happy Birthday!!! Of course, I scooped him up and gave him just what he was wanting. Sweet boy!

He couldn’t wait to celebrate and was so excited about all of his gifts. Soon, Bubba got up and walked down the stairs singing Happy Birthday to his little brother. Such a sweet moment I hope to never forget. And, as Nash excitedly opened gifts, they were so lovey dovey with each other. What a precious bond they share!
Nash is 3 and Glorieta 126

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 128
  Nash is 3 and Glorieta 130Nash is 3 and Glorieta 142Nash is 3 and Glorieta 135Nash is 3 and Glorieta 143

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 137
  Nash's Bday SPaw's Camera 091
After breakfast and just a little playtime, we had to get ready to go to Nash’s party! But, while we were waiting to leave, Slickpaw took our 4th nose pic together. I love this moment at each birthday…
Nash is 3 and Glorieta 147  Nash is 3 and Glorieta 150

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 149

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 153

After his super fun party (post to come) and lunch, we came home to play and swim and celebrate some more!
Nash is 3 and Glorieta 259  Nash is 3 and Glorieta 277
Nash is 3 and Glorieta 269  Nash is 3 and Glorieta 274
We also took some time to watch
Nash’s birthday video. We all enjoyed it so much!
Nash's Bday SPaw's Camera 152
And, before the day ended, we had to sing Happy Birthday one more time and eat Mammer’s annual cake! He was SUPER proud of his orange THREE!!!
Nash is 3 and Glorieta 279

Nash is 3 and Glorieta 280

Goodness me, I love this boy!!! No matter how much he exhausts me, I seem to adore his precious dimple, hilarious faces and spunkiness more each and every day!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Nasher Noo! You are so special!!!

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