Monday, June 03, 2013

Quinn Graduates Kindergarten!

Friday, May 31st was the day that my big boy graduated from Kindergarten! And, surprisingly enough, I wasn’t sad at all! Sure, his graduation picture could send me into a puddle of tears, but the actual event was nothing but excitement for me! Preschool graduation was a different story for me…the end of a precious “Endless Summer” season of our lives…But, Kindergarten Graduation is just a wonderful celebration that says, “HE DID IT!” And, I DID IT!! We {almost} survived his first year of big boy school!
Of course, we had to have a little celebratory breakfast before school that morning…Kinder Graduation 001And, a little photo shoot…
He knows the drill!
Kinder Graduation 004 

Kinder Graduation 006  Kinder Graduation 008

Kinder Graduation 007

At 8:30, ThePoeFam went to his classroom for a little classroom awards presentation! It was so special that Mrs. Bates took the time to truly spotlight each child and tell everyone about their “unique impression!” One proud Momma, right here!!

Kinder Graduation 013  Kinder Graduation 015
Sweet Mrs. Bates…such a precious blessing and answer to prayer this year…Kinder Graduation 017

Kinder Graduation 020  Kinder Graduation 021
Then, we headed to the gym for the actual gradation cermemony. We killed time while trying to entertain this little wiggle worm before it began at 9:30.
  Kinder Graduation 031  Kinder Graduation 033

Kinder Graduation 034
And, then, it was his turn to shine. We are so very proud of our big, Kindergarten Graduate. The way he spotted us in the crowd right away melted my heart! {P.S. I need a zoom lens!}
Kinder Graduation 036

Kinder Graduation 044
And, then, we proudly watched as he sang his little heart out. Afterwards, he said…”I watched you almost the whole song, Momma…and, I could tell you were about to cry!”
Kinder Graduation 049

After the ceremony, we got a family picture outside before we took Quinn out of school early and had a day to celebrate him. Lunch at his choice, “Old McDonald’s,” shopping for sussies, new shoes and more! Then, after a swim, we ended the day with a super fun dinner at a local airplane runway! Cool, for sure! Kinder Graduation 052
Happy Kindergarten Graduation to my sweet love! I adore you and your family couldn’t be more proud to call you OURS!

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The Links said...

Oh my goodness that first pictures will be perfect for a side by side when he has his real cap and gown pictures his senior year!!