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My Resume.

I’ve had a handful of jobs in my 33 years of life…

They started during my summers home from Baylor.

First, I was a co-director of my church’s 2-day a week summer camp with my BFF, Sarah. It was called Kids of the Kingdom. We were responsible for lots of little 1st through 5th graders…teaching God’s Word, field trips and playing!  Sure, we did lots of planning and organizing, but that came almost as easily to us as breathing. If there was a job made for 19 and 20 year old me, that was it.

Then, I had a desk job as a receptionist for a psychiatrist’s office. I did some filing and some answering of phones. And, that was the summer that I successfully read all of the Harry Potter series. (Only 4 books at the time!) I also successfully flirted with the delivery boys that came in the office. Needless to say…not a difficult job.

Another summer, I was the proud office worker at the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Commission. You read that right!!! It was lots of filing and inputting data. I thought I might pull my hair out! I was such a quick worker. But, when I’d finish my pile of work, they’d just give me more. So, I started to slow down a bit. It was a Summer that Instagram and Facebook would have been a SUPER nice outlet. Ugh…boring for sure!

Then, during the middle of my Sophomore year at Baylor, I completely shocked my parents by getting a job. I loved the local scrapbook store SO much and decided that I needed a little money to feed my addiction. So, I became the youngest employee at Heart Tugs and Doodlebugs! It was my dream job. I helped people find the perfect paper and stickers for their scrapbook pages and projects…and, I got to work on my own scrapbooks when the store was slow. I loved leaving the bubble of Baylor for a few hours here and there to enjoy my favorite hobby. I loved it until I graduated.

On top of that, during my Junior to Senior year, I accepted the position of treasurer of my sorority, Chi Omega! It took lots of time and LOTS of brain power. But, I loved being on the exec council! To date, it was the hardest job I had done.

After graduation in May of 2002 (I met Matt in March of 2002), I was on the job hunt for my first REAL job. This time I would be using my degree and become an Elementary School teacher. After a few job fairs and a few interviews, I was so excited to be hired to teach FIRST GRADE at Anderson Elementary in Allen, Texas. My REAL dream of becoming a teacher was about to come true. And, it was just that…a DREAM! I loved having my own 22 students and my own classroom to decorate. It was rewarding at times and difficult at times, but it was what I was BORN to do. I taught at Anderson for 2 years and then followed my principal across town to open the new school, Boon Elementary. I taught 1st grade there for 3 years and was blessed by so many precious families.

And, then, on March 27, 2007, I added to my resume the job that I am the most proud…I became a Mommy! And, when I look back at my resume, it’s amazing how much more difficult Mommyhood is than all of the other jobs combined. When God told Matt and I that I needed to quit teaching when Quinn was born, I was so excited of the break I would be getting. Little did I know that it never stops…it’s so very selfless…it rarely allows you to go to the bathroom alone…it tries your patience and your sanity…BUT, it’s SO very rewarding!

Now, six years after I earned the title, being a Mommy is what I’m MADE TO DO! And, amidst the piles of laundry, syrup smudges on the table and toys strewn from my bath tub to my car seat, I couldn’t be more thankful for the title that I hold. I’m Quinn and Nash’s Mommy! In my opinion, it’s the perfect finale to my resume!

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“Real motherhood is different. It’s better and it’s messier and it’s more complicated. It will break your heart and make you laugh harder than you ever imagined. You find yourself alternating between feeling like your friends talked you into some sort of pyramid scheme so you could share in their misery and thinking this is the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever done.” 
–Melanie Shankle in Sparkly Green Earrings
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And, it was the perfect Mother’s Day! I was woken up with breakfast in bed (including the most beautiful magnolia from our tree that Matt scaled…with little boy’s cheering him on!) and the most PRECIOUS canvas paintings. I was quickly joined by Mammer…who had been taken breakfast in bed as well. We had a great service at church and a wonderful brunch. The rest of the day consisted of naps, Taco Bueno and playing outside! I also was SUPER excited about my gifts…new light fixtures, house numbers and flowers for our beds! But, more than any of the gifts, I was LOVED ON and appreciated all day! I am blessed and so very thankful!
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On top of celebrating on real Mother’s Day, I got to go to Quinn’s school the Friday before to celebrate at Muffins with Mom! It’s always special to have some one-on-one time with either of my boys and we had a precious time. I love him so…he’ll always be the one that made me a Mommy!
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