Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Tooth Fairy has our Address!

Saturday was DRAMA at our house. Q has had a wiggly tooth for MONTHS…and, come Saturday, it was HANGING. BY. A. THREAD! In the morning he tried to pull it and just wasn’t ready…and, in the afternoon, it was a bloody mess. Bless him. He sort of tried…and he sort of became a dramatic mess. So, after too many tears, we let it rest and figured it would just fall out as the day went on. April 2013 047

April 2013 052

April 2013 054  April 2013 057

April 2013 061

After a birthday party Saturday night, Quinn wanted me to find his baseball card book. I told him I would if he’d pull out his tooth. And, within seconds, (as I had my camera ready) he had he was holding his first lost tooth in his hands. I think he was a little shocked…and quickly SUPER excited! {excuse my annoying voice on the video!}

April 2013 062
Since it was already late, we quickly had to get things ready for the Tooth Fairy. Quinn had put his note to her in a special place (he wrote it at least two months ago at the FIRST sign of it being wiggly!) and couldn’t wait to put it and his pillow in bed with him. We safely tucked his tooth in a baggie and into his pillow’s pocket. Excited. Excited. EXCITED!!! 
April 2013 064 April 2013 067

April 2013 070

April 2013 072

And, at 6:02 on Sunday morning, we had a very excited little boy running into our room with all of the fun things the Tooth Fairy had left him. She sweetly left sparkly money, a precious note, and a pack of gum! She also left big brother and baby brother a PEZ. (‘cuz it’s hard being the little brother when exciting things happen!) The books were from Mommy & Daddy! TOOTH!!! 014
If you don’t remember  from before, the darling felt pillow is from this Etsy store. And, these REDICULOUS precious notes are TOO MUCH. I found this “Tooth Fairy helper” on Etsy as well and, thanks to her, I have TWENTY personalized letters ready to be left under someone’s pillow! Leslie from Charming Words is a genius to create these…and, I have a feeling they’ll never loose their magic. You can see their size in the picture above. TINY and PERFECT! Go order some for your little one before they loose too many teeth! 
TOOTH!!! 020

TOOTH!!! 022

Then, Matt and I gave him this precious T that we’ve been saving for this special day! And, he proudly wore it to school on Monday!
TOOTH!!! 002

TOOTH!!! 005

TOOTH!!! 008
I can’t believe it…loosing teeth is such a big boy thing. But, I sure
love his snaggle toothed grin!

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