Monday, April 01, 2013


My sweet, baby love…the one that has never been a good sleeper…the one that always has a toy in his hand…the one that still twirls his hair when he’s tired or nervous…the one who recently learned how to read and tie his shoes…the one that made me a Mommy…turned SIX YEARS OLD on March 27th. How is it possible that I’m the Mommy of a 6 year old?!

But, regardless of how fast the years have gone, it has happened. And, my Quinn Davis Poe had a day FULL of celebrating! He woke up excited. There’s nothing like the “birthday feeling!”
Before school, he got to open a few presents. The cutest part was when he really thought he got a box of his own Cheez-itz. He even acted excited!! But, the Ninja Turtle stuff inside seemed even better!
Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 014 Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 015

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 016

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 018
  Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 021

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 024
  Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 025

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 027
 Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 029 Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 028

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 031

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 035
  Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 036

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 040

After a little photo shoot in the shirt he COULD.NOT. WAIT to wear, we took him to school. And, a few hours later, we showed back up with Mammer and Slickpaw to bring the birthday boy’s choice of lunch…and yummy cookies for his classmates. He was so proud to have all of us there…and Nash LOVED celebrating his Bubba at his big school!!!
Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 041

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 042
Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 043Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 047Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 045Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 049Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 054Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 058Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 066

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 072

Quinn's 6th Birthday (part1) 074

After school, we took our yearly nose pic before we loaded up to have an early dinner at Chuck E Cheese with Daddy, Mammer, Slickpaw, Nana and Pawpaw! Q is SIX 004

Q is SIX 006

Q is SIX 007
  Q is SIX 008
Since not many people go to Chuck E Cheese at 4:30 on a Wednesday, we had a BLAST!!! Q had been anticipating the trip for a long time now. The boys ran all over the place and we had the HUGE party room to ourselves. After playing, we ate, opened gifts, had cake and played some more. It was almost 8:00 before we left!
Q is SIX 015

Q is SIX 020  Q is SIX 025  Q is SIX 018Q is SIX 029  Q is SIX 030Q is SIX 036  Q is SIX 033  Q is SIX 038  Q is SIX 048

Q is SIX 041

Q is SIX 050
  Q is SIX 053

Q is SIX 058
  Q is SIX 061

Q is SIX 057
Goodness me, I love this boy! I loved celebrating him…and, am so thankful that I’ve been blessed to be his Mommy for SIX whole years! Happy Birthday, Quinn Davis Poe!!!

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The Links said...

You sure do know how to make your boy feel special. What a fun day. I love the picture of him and Nash where he is opening his shirt to make shirt they Birthday Boy is seen!!