Thursday, April 04, 2013

Quinn’s 6th Birthday ROAD TRIP!!!

This Momma L.O.V.E.S. a birthday party! I think it’s truly one of my VERY favorite things about being a Mommy…the planning, the anticipation, and, of course, the celebrating. So, it’s always music to my ears when my first born wants to talk about and plan his party! After going to a buddy’s birthday party at the Zoo, Quinn quickly informed me that when it was time for his party that he didn’t want it to be over quickly! So, after much debate and discussion, he decided to invite less friends and have a longer party! BUUUUUTTT…where would we go!?!?? March is such a tricky weather month…so we knew it couldn’t be outside. But, there were too many inside choices to choose from. Problem Solved!!!! Why not go to ALLLL of them!
That’s when the “Quinn’s Favorite Places Road Trip” was born…Q'S_BDAY_INVITE_2013_B
And, since we’ve chosen to fully embrace our Swaggon, why not turn it into the ultimate ROAD TRIP PARTY VAN! Matt did a great job decorating the outside…and I added décor and lights (because the Swaggon comes with its very own PLUG) on the inside.
 Q is SIX 087

Q is SIX 088Q is SIX 089Q is SIX 090Q is SIX 092
When the boys showed up at the house at about 1:00, they picked up their Road Trip bags… complete with their Road Trip maps, Ninja Turtle masks, light sticks, tattoos and their Road Trip wallet. Inside the wallet contained all of their gift cards for each stop.
Q is SIX 109
Q is SIX 111
This birthday boy had been counting down for SO long. He and his cool shirt (more details and a giveaway coming soon) were ready to party!!!…
Q is SIX 116  Q is SIX 119

Q is SIX 066

Q is SIX 067
  Q is SIX 068
Stop #1: Movie Theatre to see The Croods!!! After a fun drive with dancing and singing in the party van, our first stop was to the movies. When Q was choosing his favorite places, this was at the top of his list. And, we were super excited that a perfect, new movie was coming out right around his birthday. When we got to the theater, we got everyone settled with their Movie Snack Pack and settled in to enjoy the show! It ended up being a great little flick and the boys really enjoyed it!! Lots of laughs!!!
 Q is SIX 069

Q's Bday Slickpaw 061
  Q is SIX 129

Q is SIX 125

Q is SIX 131

Q is SIX 137

Stop #2: Toys R Us Q quickly chose Toys R Us as one of his favorite places. But, who can go to Toys R Us without getting a sussy? So, each boy got a $6 gift card to spend at our visit. It was so cute watching them thoughtfully go up and down each isle to spend their money. Everyone made great choices!
Q is SIX 070

Q's Bday Slickpaw 077

Q is SIX 139

Stop #3: “Old McDonald’s”
After all of that shopping, the boys worked up an appetite. And, if Q has a say, he’ll always choose “Old McDonald’s” for dinner! We had a super fun drive playing “I Spy” on their McD’s gift cards. When we arrived, we were so excited to see that the toys were from “The Croods” and the guys ate and played their little hearts out. Fun times!!!
Q is SIX 071

Q is SIX 143  Q is SIX 142Q is SIX 145  Q is SIX 144

Q is SIX 150

Q's Bday Slickpaw 082
  Q's Bday Slickpaw 086

Q's Bday Slickpaw 083

Q's Bday Slickpaw 087

Stop #4: Hey Sugar Candy Store It wasn’t hard for Quinn to choose the last stop of his Road Trip…the darling candy store in Downtown Roanoke. When we got there, the boys got to choose a treat before we found a table and ate and opened gifts. Since Quinn’s first birthday party, he’d never opened gifts at his party…so he couldn’t wait to dig in! After that, the boys had a blast playing in the yard next to the candy store while parents came to pick up the boys! Q is SIX 072

Q is SIX 153

Q is SIX 154

As if they hadn’t had enough sugar, the boys got to take home some amazing cookies from Sweet Face Cookie Boutique! (giveaway and more details/pics coming soon for this, TOO!!!) Q is SIX 094
Q is SIX 156Q is SIX 155Q is SIX 157

Q is SIX 164

Q is SIX 165
  Q is SIX 168
It really was the PERFECT party for my PRECIOUS Six Year Old! We had an absolute blast…and the birthday boy loved that it didn’t end quickly…and that he had his best buddies there to celebrate with him!! He’s already talking about his 7th birthday road trip!!! Let’s start planning, sweet love!
Q is SIX 161


Cara Carroll said...

You outdid yourself, sweet friend!!!! This part is perfectly PRECIOUS!!! Love it!!!!! Makes me want a Swagger Wagon :)

Donnell Days said... fun!!!! Love all of your fun details!! :)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

This is really and truly one of the coolest party ideas I've ever seen. Of course you came up with it!!! Jagger would've liked to be invited along haha, our lives revolve around those Turtles!!!!

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DRilea said...

This is so sweet!! Such a creative idea!

ThePoeFam said...

Thank you, sweet friend! Missing you sooooo!

ThePoeFam said...

Thanks Dena! It was strange not having all of the boys there. :(

ThePoeFam said...

Thanks girl! It really was sooooo fun...and probably the easiest party I've thrown!

Lori said...

Oh my goodness! This is awesome!! :) I am going to use this idea... once C's friends get out of car seats! Ha!

P.S. You and Matt are adorables ;)