Wednesday, April 10, 2013

National Siblings Day

Apparently it’s National Siblings Day. All of my social media outlets and the gazillion pictures of siblings tells me so.

Since I’m not one, this whole siblings thing TOTALLY baffles me.

I mean…it seriously makes NO sense how you can be best friends in one moment and worst enemies in the very next.

It’s crazy how quickly my tender-hearted first born can turn into the Incredible Hulk by being provoked by something as small and powerless as his baby brother.

Q is SIX 076

But, one thing is FOR SURE…

I love living vicariously through them.
I love how they love.
I love how they hug.
I love how they play and dress up in crazy costumes.
I love how they laugh.
I love how they already support one another.
I love how they miss each other.
And, I love that they’ll always have a built-in best buddy.

What a blessing to have a sibling. Q is SIX 085

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The Links said...

I would love to have a little girl someday, but seeing your boys together makes me want another boy so bad. I don't have a sister and my husband doesn't have a brother so I would love for my kids to have a same sex sibling. It's a bond we never had but I think it's so special!!