Thursday, March 14, 2013

Our Little Politician: Open House 2013

On the Tuesday before Spring Break. ThePoeFam was so excited to head up to Quinn’s elementary school for Open House. But, this former teacher wasn’t sure what to think about the not-so-traditional format. Instead of hundreds of different art/writing projects plastered on the walls, his entire school had been working on a “Project Based Learning” approach. Since before Christmas, he had been in a group doing TONS of research about frogs! He was always so proud to come home with new facts and would often talk about how he was going to persuade us to adopt a frog! I was so impressed that a class full of 5 year olds was using computers, iPads and more to gather information for this presentation. And, I feel that the research he was doing really helped him jump into a TRUE reader.

After a trip to the gym, book fair and art room, it was time to head to his classroom for his presentation time. We waited in the hallway (and had a little locker play-time with Garrett) and read the posters, looked at Q-codes and admired pictures from their research times. Then, it was time for he and two of his classmates {to somewhat nervously} stand in front of three sets of parents and siblings and present their hard work.

Q was the “Group Leader” and they did a great job! I’m not sure I’m persuaded to adopt-a-frog…but, I’ll definitely think about it. Our little politician sure did plead his case! :)  We’re SUPER DUPER proud of our big Kindergartner!
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Unknown said...

How wonderful! I am almost willing to adopt a frog.

The Links said...

Ha the picture of all the kiddos focusing on the computer is too cute!! Hard at work!!