Monday, March 18, 2013

Goin’ on a Color Hunt…

Oh, sweet second born! It’s sad to think how few things like this I’ve done with you! Please promise me you’ll never look back at the blog and see all that I did with Quinn! ;) …

Anyway, today, I vowed to myself to do something fun with Nasher every Monday! Just one activity that we’d enjoy doing together! Nothing fancy…just fun and a little educational at the same time! So, today, we went on a “Color Hunt!” No frills but SUCH a blast! And, leave it to my B.O.Y. to find dog poop for brown and some sort of hair ball for grey! Blech! Regardless of the roses that he stopped to smell, I loved that we took time to enjoy God’s beautiful world today as we went on our ColorHunt! Color Hunt 001

And, coming home and downloading the pictures was just as much fun as the actual hunt. He loved looking at his findings over and over again!
Color Hunt 006Color Hunt 016Color Hunt 007Color Hunt 003Color Hunt 004Color Hunt 002Color Hunt 009Color Hunt 008Color Hunt 014

{My hunting buddy and me in the reflection of a “black” car he found!}
Color Hunt 013

Color Hunt 018

Color Hunt 019Color Hunt 020

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