Tuesday, February 19, 2013

“Love, and a cough, cannot be hid.” ~George Herbert

I must admit that Valentine's Day has become one of my faves! I love a day focused on celebrating LOVE…what a sweet reminder it is of Christ’s LOVE for me and the blessing that He has given me in a family!!! It’s truly overwhelming!

The morning started with a text from Slickpaw saying he was here! He had gotten up at 3:30 to travel to our house so that he could attend Quinn’s Grandparent’s Day breakfast at school. Due to lots of busy schedules, he was the only grandparent that could attend this year, and we were all so thankful that he made the trip! And, in true Slickpaw fashion…he was way early and arrived with a dozen Valentine’s donuts.
Valentine's Morning 001  Valentine's Morning 002

Valentine's Morning 003
After all of the breakfast excitement, we all got ready in our Valentine’s Best and had a little photo shoot before we started our busy days…
Valentine's Morning 009

Valentine's Morning 010
  Valentine's Morning 016

Valentine's Morning 018
  Valentine's Morning 020

While Slickpaw and Q celebrated Grandparent’s Day at Q’s school, I celebrated Valentine's Day at Nasher’s school. SERIOULY, he could not have been cuter. He’s always so proud to have me there and loved showing off as he made his craft and loved on his friends. He even scooted to the very edge of his tiny chair so that I could sit with him. “You sit with me Mommy…I made a spot for you!” He melts me!!!
Valentines 2013 005  Valentines 2013 009

Valentines 2013 015

Valentines 2013 016

Valentines 2013 018

Then, it was time for a little date with my main man! We had a great “just us” lunch at one of our favorite Mexican spots and my TGTBT surprised me with the MOST precious card, roses and a box of chocolates. Once again, I melted! I loved how proud he was to surprise me since we said we weren’t going to do anything this year. He’s a keeper!
Then, I was on the road to Q’s school so that I could do my “room mom" duties in Kindergarten. This boy was the third to melt me today! Another one that was SO proud to have me there and smiled at me with a smile I hope to never forget. We read stories, did crafts, ate sundaes and exchanged Valentine’s.
Valentines 2013 023  Valentines 2013 026
My favorite part was when he gave me the Valentine that he made for Matt and me…
QsValentine Matt picked up Nash from school and came home early. We shopped for patio furniture and had a fun, family lunch at Wendy’s. Our boys CRACEKD us up the entire meal and reminded us how blessed we are!! After dinner, we did a little “Super Serving” before we headed home.
Then, after baths, we ate Valentine’s cookies and opened all of those fun Valentine’s on our new patio furniture.
Valentines 2013 030

Valentine's Night

After we got the boys to bed, Matt and I talked about what a sweet day it was! …Full of busyness and sugar and fun!!! I LOVE my sweet family!!! …so much that it could never be “hid!”

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