Monday, January 14, 2013

We Love Jesus!!! (& Santa, Too!)

ThePoeFam LOVES Jesus! I hope that’s not a secret to you! In our house, we do our very best to live from him EVERY single day…and, Matt and I, with God’s precious grace, are trying to train up our boys to love him too!

But, despite all of the differing views out there, we also LOVE Santa Claus at our house! Don’t get me wrong…this love is NO where CLOSE to how we love Jesus…but, he is pretty stinkin’ great! We love the magic and excitement that Santa brings for just a short season in their lives.

All of that to say, with Quinn being 5 this Christmas, we really wanted to make sure he had NO doubt what the true meaning of Christmas was all about. We did many activities and had countless discussions about Jesus and his miraculous birth. We went through A Meaningful Christmas and daily prayed thanking God for sending his precious Son as a baby! We asked questions at meal time…even questions about Santa compared to Jesus…
*How are Santa and Jesus different?
*How are they the same?
*Can Santa see us and answer prayers?
*Can Santa save us from our sins?

Thankfully, Quinn thought the answers were crazy and had no problem answering them in the way that we hoped he would. We also had lots of conversations about Saint Nicholas (a.k.a. Santa Claus) and all of the great things he did for others! And, that he loved Jesus just like we do!

I grew up thinking Santa was pretty great…heck, I still do! And, it didn’t scar me for life when the magic started to fade! I NEVER questioned if Jesus was real after I found out that Santa wasn’t all I’d though he was. I NEVER had problems trusting my parents after I found out they had “lied” to me for years! And, I don’t feel that my kids will either! I completely respect the different ways that people choose to celebrate/not celebrate things at Christmastime…but, as far as ThePoeFam goes…we love JESUS LOTS…and, Santa, too! :)

{Waiting for Santa this year}
Peeky and Eggnoggin 075

Peeky and Eggnoggin 077  Peeky and Eggnoggin 079
Peeky and Eggnoggin 080

Quinn’s 6th/Nash’s 3rd year seeing this Big Guy…
Iphone 12-10-12 398

Iphone 12-10-12 399

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