Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peeky’s Shenanigans: Year 2: Days 1-11

PEEKY IS BAAAACK!!!!! And, we all couldn't be more excited. Just take a look at what he’s ALREADY been up to at our house!

Day 1:
After a LONNNG day with all of us going different directions (Q to a party at the Dallas Zoo and Nash & Daddy to Waco for the Baylor game), Peeky showed up with a table full of goodies. We were all SO excited to see him after a year apart. Quinn had been anxiously awaiting his arrival. And, Peeky even gave the boys lovey “Peekys” that they can hug and squeeze!
field trip etc 069
He left a note too…
field trip etc 071

field trip etc 063field trip etc 066field trip etc 073

Day 2:
Swinging from the chandelier…and decorating it too…
field trip etc 079field trip etc 082
The boys loved talking to him and playing their “Getting Jiggy With It” Santa for him. field trip etc 075
Day 3:
Cozy above the microwave…
Peeky and Eggnoggin 002
Day 4:
I mustache if you’ve seen Peeky? (Tee Hee!) The boys cracked up and loved that he left extra mustaches for them to wear…
Peeky and Eggnoggin 008

Peeky and Eggnoggin 005Peeky and Eggnoggin 004Peeky and Eggnoggin 006
Day 5:
Peeky almost got away with blending in here…but we found him…Peeky and Eggnoggin 011
Day 6:
Peeky left a sweet note out of ThePoeFam’s favorite marshmallows…Peeky and Eggnoggin 013
Day 7:
At least it’s Sugar Free…
Peeky and Eggnoggin 039
Day 8:
The Skylanders made the perfect audience while Peeky read the new Pete the Cat Christmas book. Peeky and Eggnoggin 064

Peeky and Eggnoggin 065
Peeky and Eggnoggin 068
Day 9:
A trail down the stairs and to the tree made Peeky easy to find this morning…Peeky and Eggnoggin 069 Peeky and Eggnoggin 071

Peeky and Eggnoggin 072

Day 10:
Peeky loves Jesus so much that he held him all day long!… Peeky and Eggnoggin 091
Day 11:
A clue…and a sneaky hiding spot way up high. (And he was accompanied by two hilarious dancing Santas)
Peeky and Eggnoggin 092

Peeky and Eggnoggin 093  Peeky and Eggnoggin 097
{More to come!!!}

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Laura said...

I love reading what Peeky has been up to. He's a funny elf! Our elf held baby Jesus in our nativity also. But it didn't go well. Caroline was so upset and said, "Baby Jesus is too special for Snowflake!!" Then she grabbed Jesus and put him back in the manger. Oops :)