Friday, October 05, 2012

September Celebrations

What a month! We have been busy…busy…busy! And, we have stayed true to one of our family mantras… “CELEBRATE EVERYTHING!”

We celebrated the fact that Matt’s grandpa and aunt and uncle moved here from California…
September 2012 016
We celebrated sweet Everley’s 2nd birthday…
September 2012 019September 2012 023September 2012 035September 2012 039
We celebrated the fact that Quinn saved enough money over the course of the past few months to buy Skylanders! Such a big deal for him…
IPHONE pics!!!! (9.20.12) 973

September 2012 041
We celebrated sweet Jamiann’s wedding day…and Q got to act as ring bearer again. He was beyond precious in his peach bow tie and I was super proud to call him mine…September 2012 065

September 2012 044
 September 2012 048

September 2012 052

September 2012 054  September 2012 058 

September 2012 066

September 2012 068
  September 2012 069

September 2012 072
We celebrated Nasher in the beginning stages of potty training. He’s so proud of his “Gabba Gabba Wear Wear!”…
September 2012 074  September 2012 076  September 2012 077

IPHONE pics!!!! (9.20.12) 977

We celebrated the opening of a new playground in our neighborhood…September 2012 082
And, we celebrated Nash’s Jammie Day at school…
September 2012 085
We celebrated how strong I am…and, the fact that I have two boys to hold…
IPHONE pics!!!! (9.20.12) 992IPHONE pics!!!! (9.20.12) 993
We celebrated a big boy’s 5 1/2 birthday with a fun dinner and a new Skylander. September 2012 087  September 2012 091

September 2012 093

{And, I celebrated the fact that I got my hair done for the first time in FOUR months! Mercy, it was bad!!!}
September 2012 100  September 2012 107
We’re celebrating the fact that we’re in boxes…because that means we’re moving to our new house soon!
theWeibe goodbye and more 002
We took a second to celebrate this sweet friendship while we said “see ya later” to some other sweet friends that are moving to Colorado.
theWeibe goodbye and more 017
And, Carrie and I have celebrated ever inquiry and new follower that has come our way for A Meaningful Christmas. We are blown away at the response and so excited to see the little lives that are changed through our 24 day devotional!
theWeibe goodbye and more 010

It was a month FULL of CELEBRATIONS…big and small! What an amazing, blessing-filled September!


Jennifer said...

Where did you find that Yo Gabba Gabba underwear? I am going to attempt potty training over Christmas and we need those!

ThePoeFam said...

Jennifer! I got them at TJMaxx! Aren't they hilarious!? Good luck!

Jenny said...

Your boys remind me so much of my boys. It's pretty fun being a Mom of boys, huh?! Also, I was wondering where in Colorado your friends are moving to. If they're close, I'd love to introduce myself in case they don't know anyone! :)

Lindsey said...

We are just thrilled about the advent ornament exchange! I just had to comment! I need to send you a picture of the "pregnant lady" ornament someone has already made!