Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lordy, It’s a Girl’s Night Out…

I needed a girl’s night. It had been too long!!! And, some of my favorite friends and I had such a great time just chatting, doing a little gift exchange, eating and LAUGHING. I am so thankful for girl time…and for friends that I know will always be!

And, oddly enough, the Judd's song, "Girls Night Out" is still annoyingly playing in my head…
Friday finally came around
This girl's ready to paint the town
Tonight ain't nothin' gonna slow me down

I did my time workin' all week
Tonight's all mine, tomorrow I'll sleep
I wanna hear a band with a country sound

Well, I've been couped up all week long
I've been workin' my fingers to the bone

Well, it's a girl's night out
Honey, there ain't no doubt
I'm gonna dance every dance 'til the boys go home
Well, it's my night to rock
No watchin' that ol' clock
Oh, ain't no doubt, Lordy it's a girl's night out!

Girls' Weekend 022

Girls' Weekend 027

And, while I was away, my sweet boys had MORE fun. Matt made sure that it was the MOST perfect “Dude’s Weekend” and documented every step of the way. Mercy, I love that man…
{and the little men that accompanied him!}…






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