Friday, July 13, 2012

Houston Memories: Part 4

When we left the Strand, we drove around for a bit to see the sights of Galveston. After taking a turn, Matt asked me if I wanted to take the boys on the ferry. It sounded fun, and the lady at the entrance said it would only be about 15 minutes there…15 minutes back.

But, to my COMPLETE shock and surprise, we didn’t get out of our car and get on the ferry…we drove the Swaggon DIRECTLY ON THE BOAT! Matt said that you should have seen my face! And, I can only imagine what it looked like. I had NEVER heard of such a thing…and Matt couldn’t believe how excited (and, probably, DUMB) I was! Within minutes, we were floating…and were allowed to GET OUT of our car and walk around. … It still seems SO crazy to me!Houston Summer 2012 246
Houston Summer 2012 243
Houston Summer 2012 250

Houston Summer 2012 257

Houston Summer 2012 259

But, by far, the most fun and exciting part of our ferry ride was our experience with the crazy seagulls. On the way, we watched as people fed the fearless creatures…and, a sweet family even gave us a few pieces of bread.

So, when we exited the ferry, we stopped at a gas station and got our own loaf so we could be a part of the fun on the way back. And, OHHHHH MMMMMMM GEEEEE! Never in my life have I laughed so hard. My boys were as amazed as we were…and we had a blast watching the seagulls hover and swoop for the bread!

Soon enough, it was time to get back in our car so that we could exit the ferry! Needless to say, it is a memory that ThePoeFam will NEVER forget!

Houston Summer 2012 261

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