Sunday, July 01, 2012

“Where we love is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Whoever says Abilene is boring is crazy! Because, when we go, the fun never stops! And, this time was NO different. ThePoeFam spent a whole 7 days {June 9-15} livin’ it up! Matt had to be there for one of our church’s camps, and the rest of us thought it would be fun to go along. IT’s hard to pass up an opportunity to go HOME!

So, the boys and the pups and I hopped in the Swaggon (Daddy had to take his own car with our youth interns) and made the 3 hour drive to A town.
Take a gander into our busy and food fun filled week...

As soon as we arrived, we went to eat the obligatory meal at Joe Allen’s BBQ…JoeAllens
And, that night, Q got to ride in Slickpaw’s Corvette all of the way to the Corvette Club night at Sonic in Clyde.
JUNE! 009  photo
And, in Clyde you get super excited about things like Pickle O’s and skipping rocks in the parking lot puddles…

Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 017

Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 025
When we got home, we thought that Nash needed a little ride in the Vette for the first time. Here is the progression…
Pic 1: All smiles
Pic 2: Starting to back out
Pic 3: Not even out of the driveway and freaking out!
JUNE! 021JUNE! 020JUNE! 018
It was hilarious! Nash just wasn’t quite ready for his Slickpaw’s Corvette.

But, the rest of the week, our little toot was all smiles…always playing or in someone’s lap…JUNE! 024Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 046JUNE! 048
We visited Daddy’s Alma Mater and fed the ducks. JUNE! 035
The boys loved seeing Daddy’s school and even got some new HSU gear. JUNE! 045

We visited the boy’s great-great aunt and uncle and had so much fun showing them pictures and videos on our phone. I love how they loved our visit. Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 058Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 060Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 067

We took time to rest…I think I napped at least 3 times! Nappin
I got a special pedicure for part of my Mother’s Day gift from Mammer and Slickpaw…toes
And, Mammer and I had a fun lunch at one of my favorite hidden spots. foodstoreHFS
While we had some girl time, the boys had a movie day…madagascar
On Wednesday, we met Sharee, her niece and 2 sweet little ones at the Abilene Zoo. We loved seeing all of the changes they’d made to the Zoo and had a great time hanging with Sharee! After not seeing each other in a long time, Q and Tristan became fast friends…and, little miss Kate was TOO cute to handle. JUNE! 103

Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 108 Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 114

Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 123

Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 160

Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 156

Abilene Slickpaw's Camera 165

JUNE! 067

JUNE! 070
  JUNE! 071

JUNE! 072

JUNE! 079  JUNE! 061JUNE! 084  JUNE! 098

JUNE! 087

But, the boys loved hanging at Mammer and Slickpaw’s house the best. JUNE! 106

JUNE! 108  JUNE! 109
And, so do the puppies…especially Krozby. He’s always SO happy in Abilene. Krozby

On Thursday evening, we met Thompson and Caden downtown for the Dr. Seuss Festivities. JUNE! 114
The boys had a great time making Horton ears at the Grace Museum…JUNE! 119

JUNE! 123  JUNE! 128
And, after a quick drink break at Monks Coffee Shop (where Mammer and the boys posed on her parent’s couch that she recently donated to Monks), we watched the little parade. JUNE! 136

JUNE! 137JUNE! 139JUNE! 140
It didn’t take much to impress this crowd! …And, what would a trip to Abilene be without a trip to Bueno. And, who better to go with than my sweet Thompson. I loved spending time with her so very much!JUNE! 144
Another place I can’t seem to pass up when we’re home is Fuji. And, this time, the boys FINALLY shared my love for the amazing goodness. They ate and ate and ate. Fuji
Due to Q’s recent nightmares, we tried to “bunk” the boys during our last night there. Needless to say, it was not successful. We’ll try again in a few more months. JUNE! 149

Then, on Friday morning, we said our goodbyes and left the boys at Mammer and Slickpaw’s house for two extra days! Thankfully, the boys didn’t shed a tear…and Momma didn’t shed many.
Because when we got home, it was all about spending time with my favorite guy! We had such a great weekend sleeping in, eating out, seeing two movies and just being together like we used to be before children entered our world. Obviously, I’d never want the “just us” life back…but it was so fun to have it for a few days. It’s the first time we’d ever stayed at home without our kids.
DateWeekend  handsome
Abilene will always hold a special place in my heart…and, I’m so thankful that all three of my guys enjoy it just as much as I do!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

This was so fun to read! I want to know where you found those darling sunglasses! Your family is precious beyond precious, Brittney!!

The Rodriguez Crew said...
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Sharee Forman said...

Yay! Fun getting to hang with you guys. :) And thanks for the pictures too. Crazy we have to go all the way to Abilene to see each other. :)