Monday, July 02, 2012

Encountering God’s Awesome Power: VBS 2012

Both of my boys had a fabulous week at VBS. The theme this year was “Amazing Wonders Aviation” and taught them all about God’s AWESOME power! Since I helped with 1st grade crafts, I got to see my big guy throughout the mornings…and he was always having such a great time! I am so thankful to be a part of a church that values its children…and wants to see them understand just how much they are truly LOVED by their God. JUNE! 174Each day, I’d pick this one up a little earlier than his brother and love on him…and ooh and ahh over his crafts! He was always so proud to show them to me!
JUNE! 178  JUNE! 180JUNE! 195  JUNE! 197

VBS 2012 002
VBS 2012 006  VBS 2012 009

VBS 2012 013
After 5 fun-filled days, we ended the week with an amazing Friday night program and carnival. All of the kids that came back that evening sang on stage (the preschool sang 3 songs) and gave an amazing performance. I was so impressed by all of the words and motions they learned in such a short amount of time. I can promise that the CD will be on repeat in our car this Summer!

Then, after the performance, there was an amazing Carnival. Quinn had earned tickets all week for different things and couldn't wait to spend them on games and activities. He and Nash both had an absolute blast doing EVERYTHING…and, they earned enough points to get some cool laser fingers! …But, the highlights of the night were a toss up between getting monkey face paint..and the GIANT bounce houses/slides outside!
VBS 2012 022  VBS 2012 023

VBS 2012 026
VBS 2012 028

VBS 2012 030
  VBS 2012 034

VBS 2012 040

VBS 2012 044And, right after we ate our snow cones, my first born melted my heart! (as he tends to often do!) When Nash lost his balloon, Q immediately said, “he can have mine!” My heart swelled and I hugged him SO big that part of his monkey face ended up on me. He thought it was hilarious! VBS 2012 045

{playing with his prize!}

VBS 2012 047

To top off the craziness of VBS week, Daddy was out of town for Junior High Camp…so, I did all of that…plus that amazing photo shoot…by myself! It was crazy…but, I felt so very blessed to be able to be the Momma of these two during such a busy and fun time!

We ate out majority of the time…MissingDaddy

Q took his first nap in YEARS!!!…nap
We went to our favorite snow cone spot…and, when Q asked us to “raise your hand if you like snow cones,” he got 3 participants!!!

Finally, late Sunday afternoon, we excitedly drove up to the church to welcome Daddy home. We’d missed him LOTS!!
Houston Summer 2012 001
Houston Summer 2012 005

Houston Summer 2012 006

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allyo said...

After being out of town for a little over three weeks, I have a lot to catch up on... :O) We play the "raise your hand if..." game in our family too. Always lots of laughs when we do. Love catching up. Let's get together!