Monday, May 07, 2012

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”

There’s something about being a kid…can I get an amen!?
And, watching my kids daily reminds me to appreciate the little things.
Like…the fact that THIS is ALWAYS funny…May 1-6 001
…and, that the VERY best place to play in the house is Mommy & Daddy’s bed! May 1-6 014
The fact that getting a donut is ALWAYS an extra special treat…donut
…and that riding a carousel is always magical!horsies
The simpleness of playing in water…
May 1-6 019May 1-6 028May 1-6 030
…and watching the car get washed! May 1-6 036

The hilariousness of pretending to be an Old Navy “Modelquin” EVERY time we go…May 1-6 040
and how fun it is to see yourself in the screen while taking a picture. watchingSo, here’s to appreciating the simple things…and pray that we never have to grow up!!! May 1-6 064


The Links said...

I LOVE your new blog design!!!

Unknown said...

love the new look!