Thursday, March 15, 2012


This amazing Texas {early} Spring weather has MADE us spend time outside. Quinn has never been the kid that has to spend time outdoors. He’s just as soon be playing with all of his toys inside. But, since Nash has been old enough to know the difference, he is the kid that wants to be “ou-sie!” He LOVES it! And, every time we get some good ‘ol Vitamin D, Q ends up having the best time too. I love watching these sweet brothers play together.

Yesterday, we had a great time playing while we waited for Daddy to get back from Mission Trip…Thankfully, no one jumped in the fountain…Daddy's Home 003 Daddy's Home 006Daddy's Home 011 Daddy's Home 012Daddy's Home 019 Daddy's Home 013
And then, today, we spent all of our late afternoon and evening enjoying our freshly mowed backyard. The boys had an AMAZING time…playing on the play set, playing tee ball, digging for roly polys (and making them the most perfect little home), splashing in the water table, eating dinner and getting our clothes extra muddy! It was the perfect evening…laughing together as a family!
Daddy's Home 027 Daddy's Home 036Daddy's Home 046 Daddy's Home 031Daddy's Home 043 Daddy's Home 048Daddy's Home 050 Daddy's Home 051Daddy's Home 052 Daddy's Home 056Daddy's Home 058 Daddy's Home 054Daddy's Home 059 Daddy's Home 061Daddy's Home 062 Daddy's Home 066

Daddy's Home 068

Here’s to many more memoires made “ou-sie” very soon!


The Links said...

How do you block your pictures together like this in this post? I love the way that looks when you have to add lots of pictures in a post!!

ThePoeFam said...

Hey there,
I use Windows Live Writer. It's free to download and makes blogging SUPER fast and easy! :)

The Rowe Crew said...

My little guy too!! All day long! And I wasn't sure how to spell it, so thanks ;).