Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goin’ to the Lodge…

While Matt was gone to New Orleans for Mission Trip, our “Juh-lissa” took us to the Great Wolf Lodge. To say we had fun was a complete understatement. Minus the glowing tans, it totally felt like summertime…and we had such a great time playing and splashing. The fun started at 4:00 on Sunday…and we swam until about 8. After a fun dinner, I put a very sleepy wolf to bed while Q stayed out and played with Juh-lissa and the kids. I think he finally went to sleep right before midnight. Such fun! Slickpaw's GWL 039
GWL 083 GWL 084GWL 089

Slickpaw's GWL 021
 GWL 094

GWL 104
 GWL 106
GWL 107
 GWL 109
Slickpaw's GWL 043

Slickpaw's GWL 048
Slickpaw's GWL 059 Slickpaw's GWL 067

GWL 112

GWL 114
GWL 121

SleepyWolf nighnight
On Monday, we SLEPT IN until 8 something (that NEVER happens) and went downstairs for a yummy breakfast buffet. After that, Slickpaw took Q to get his MagiQuest wand and game. (and, after Q had his wand for half of a second, I went back in to get Nash one…there was no way he would have been ok not having the cool thing his brother had!) GWL 128

GWL 134 GWL 154
Slickpaw's GWL 105

GWL 136
As cool as it was, the game TOTALLY stressed me out! And, after going up and down stairs and down halls for over an hour, we got a “tip” that they could “fastforward” the game so that Q could fight the dragon without completing all of the quests. (WHEW!!!…I seriously thought we were going to be there ALL day!) He fought the dragon and was satisfied…and, I must admit that Nash was extra cute opening all of the books/chests/etc. with his wand. Definitely something I want to go back and do a FEW years down the road.
Slickpaw's GWL 114 Slickpaw's GWL 119GWL 138 Slickpaw's GWL 121GWL 139 GWL 142GWL 148 GWL 150

Then, for the rest of the day, I got to stay at the amazing lodge with JUST Q. My parents took Nash home to give Q and I the opportunity for a “date!”…just my first born and me for over 5 hours. We ate lunch…slid down BIG slides (with lots of bribing)…splashed…swam the lazy river…played in the wave pool…dumped buckets of water on unsuspecting lazy river riders…and laughed together! After we were cold and tired, we had a yummy hot chocolate and rice krispy treat. Q was (as always) such a LOVE! And, I soaked in every moment that we got to spend together!! Before Mammer and Slickpaw came to pick us up, we did a little more MagiQuest and some shopping! …

dateday playing

hotchocolate snack
It was the perfect getaway. We are so thankful to Melissa for including our fam in such a fun experience…and, now, we can’t wait to go back and take Daddy!


Unknown said...

This really looks like a wonderful place to stay and play!

Unknown said...

This really looks like a wonderful place to stay and play!

Lainey-Paney said...

Wow, that DOES look like fun!