Tuesday, February 28, 2012

so this is love…

February is such a wonderful month for me. Who doesn’t love their birthday month!? And, with Valentine's Day only 3 days after my birthday, I’m spoiled to the max!

Take a peek into the love that filled my February…and this was after my birthday!!!…
Look at my sweet roses…one from each boy and a pink one for me! :) I'm 32! 106Before heading out the door to Quinn’s Valentine’s party at school, Nash and I had a little self-timer fun! How I love that little Chubber Bubs!!!!…I'm 32! 108I'm 32! 109I'm 32! 111
Quinn’s sweet little party was so fun! Since he has such a small class, we were able to get everyone some really cool things…including several fun Valentine’s and a book! He loved giving his gifts to his friends!…
Feb 2 001I'm 32! 114
Sweet Ms. Kristina knew Nash would be there…so, she made him his own little place! And, he was so proud!!…He dined on all of the treats just like his big brother!…I'm 32! 121I'm 32! 128I'm 32! 130I'm 32! 133
Then, after school, Nash and I picked up Quinn to head to our annual Valentine’s playgroup! Cara hosted the most darling little get together (as always) and the boys truly had a blast! They played and ate their little hearts out. I love watching them spend time with friends they’ve known for always!…Valentine's Day 2012 003
Check out all of these bigs and “littles!” How we’ve grown!…Valentine's Day 2012 007Valentine's Day 2012 018
When we got home, the boys were WIPED OUT! So, we woke up on Valentine’s Day to even more fun!…including opening all of those Valentine’s and drinking milk out of “fancy” glasses! We had a great day at home…and a great dinner around our own table…ending in strawberry shortcake! I loved being surrounded by all of my guys! :) Valentine's Day 2012 030Valentine's Day 2012 034
Lastly, here are part of the boy’s Valentine’s this year…
Q's Valentinephoto

Then, on Friday the 17th, I had the pleasure of attending a Mother’s Tea at Quinn’s school. It was a beyond precious morning filled with singing, yummy food (served by the kids) and many handmade gifts! My little guy was quite the ham as he sang…and brought LOTS of laughs to all of the mommies in attendance. And, I couldn’t have been more proud to be with the MOST handsome date in the room! What a love!Mother's Tea 2012 005

Mother's Tea 2012 007Mother's Tea 2012 011Mother's Tea 2012 014Mother's Tea 2012 017
Quinn’s precious teacher, Ms. Kristina…
Mother's Tea 2012 030Mother's Tea 2012 026
Me with my preciously perfect, 4 year old (for 1 more month) little man…Mother's Tea 2012 028

It was a great month filled with LOVE and special memories!

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