Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quinn’s First TeeBall Practice

Tonight, my sweet big boy had his very first TeeBall practice. After the dreaded soccer season of 2010, we were a little nervous to sign up for another organized sport…but, he seemed ready! And, after tonight, I’d say that we were right. My precious little decked out baseball star had an absolute BLAST at practice!!! He has 8 little teammates (the first one he met had his same, exact shoes…he thought that was GREAT!) and they all had their Daddies there to help with some one on one practice time. …They worked on catching, fielding and, Q’s favorite, batting! My heart leapt as I watched him try his best and have SO much fun! Needless to say, I’m so excited to cheer on the Blue Bobcats this Spring! I sure don’t mind being a baseball mom!
First TeeBall Practice 009 First TeeBall Practice 014

First TeeBall Practice 015
{There was an extra little teammate in the mix here and there…}
First TeeBall Practice 016

First TeeBall Practice 018

First TeeBall Practice 022

First TeeBall Practice 026
 First TeeBall Practice 019First TeeBall Practice 031

First TeeBall Practice 035First TeeBall Practice 037

First TeeBall Practice 044  First TeeBall Practice 046
{A little “Go Bobcats” chant to end practice…}
First TeeBall Practice 048

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drumwifej said...

Teeball is so fun to watch! They are so little and so cute and just learning and it is sometimes so fun to see what decisions they make when they are playing. I'll never forget when my girls first started to play! Great memories will be made!!!