Thursday, February 02, 2012

“If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Comfort.” ~Terri Guillemets

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going out with these lifelong friends. When I would explain to people who I was going out with, I would quickly respond, “my high school girlfriends!” But, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I knew these girls WAY before that…from the nursery at church…to Jackson Elementary…to Madison Middle School and THEN Cooper High School. These girls have truly known me for ALWAYS…and, when we got back together for a little Dallas getaway weekend, I couldn’t wait!

We started the weekend at Mattito’s Mexican food and a night of laughs and pillow talk at the Hilton Anatole.
Jan 25-29 036

Jan 25-29 038
Then, after a night of sleeping with no monitors, we got up and headed out for a girls day. While some went to get mani/pedis, Molly and I ate an INCREADIBLE breakfast at the Dream Café before heading to do some shopping at NorthPark. Jan 25-29 040Jan 25-29 041Jan 25-29 042
Then, it was back to the hotel for some R&R and a surprise baby shower for Leigh Ann & Baby Tate. (complete with Snow White thumbprint cookies…thanks, Thomps!)  Jan 25-29 043Jan 25-29 045Jan 25-29 032
Then, it was getting ready time. Leigh Ann was our stylist as a ‘thank you’ for her shower…and, after a few wardrobe malfunctions, (and me wearing fake eyelashes for the first time) we were on our way to our 8:00 dinner reservation at the Palomino at the Crescent.
Jan 25-29 047Jan 25-29 049Jan 25-29 048
It was such a fun, girly filled night...yummy food and FUN conversations all around! Jan 25-29 055423024_3023212336067_1135473672_3165972_1325991610_nJan 25-29 061
It truly was so refreshing and COMFORABLE to be with people that have known me for so long…and, I think we’re going to make it an annual event! It would be too sad not to!

And, even though I had an AMAZING time, it sure was fun to wake up and see these faces on Sunday morning! Absence makes the heart grow EVEN fonder!…
Jan 25-29 064


The Rodriguez Crew said...

You rocked hot pink tights! I love it!!! And y'all did the phone stack! Makes me want to round up my girls for a getaway weekend. :) Loved the pics!

Leigh Ann said...

Thanks again for taking such great pics and the yummy red velvet cake! It was a super fun/relaxing weekend! Yea for Life long friends:)

Laura said...

Comfortable for sure! I could never have pulled off an Edward Scissor hand dress with another group! Thanks for all the pics!

Jessica Jeffrey said...

love that y'all were all together!
lesley and i need to plan a getaway like this for our bunch!

crazymom said...

love that you cherish your friendships so !