Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

After a little delay in our plan to leave due to Matt getting sick, we packed up thePoeFam (2 pups included) and headed to Abilene on Wednesday. After a fun day at Mammer and Slickpaw’s, we all made the short trip to San Angelo to spend Thanksgiving Day with lots of the Poe’s and extended family! Mimi rented out a cool place for us to be this year that had LOTS of room for the kids (and grown-ups) to run and play! The weather allowed for too much outside fun…and Mimi was completely prepared with our very own bounce house.

We spent the entire day eating and enjoying each other’s company while the kiddos had a blast…isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? This was the first year that I felt like I didn’t even see Quinn because he was here, there and everywhere having a BLAST with his cousins!
I’m so thankful that my little original Broyles family of three is included in this huge celebration each year. Even though we don’t get to see everyone as often as we’d like, we always enjoy this annual tradition of family, food and fun!


Now…enjoy our picture OVERLOAD…full of family, cousin and grandparent lovin’,  bounce house fun, football throwing, our super cute Mimi and more…Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 062

Thanksgiving 2011 036Thanksgiving 2011 028Thanksgiving 2011 029Thanksgiving 2011 042Thanksgiving 2011 049Thanksgiving 2011 050Thanksgiving 2011 055Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 084Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 095Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 118Thanksgiving 2011 059Thanksgiving 2011 060Thanksgiving 2011 062Thanksgiving 2011 063Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 101Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 112IMG_8267Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 127Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 140Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 130Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 146Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 149Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 158Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 159
IMG_8303IMG_8340IMG_8355IMG_8358IMG_8359IMG_8365IMG_8377Thanksgiving & BU Slickpaw 178Thanksgiving 2011 065Thanksgiving 2011 077Thanksgiving 2011 078Thanksgiving 2011 080Thanksgiving 2011 084Thanksgiving 2011 098Thanksgiving 2011 097Thanksgiving 2011 096Thanksgiving 2011 093Thanksgiving 2011 094Thanksgiving 2011 108Thanksgiving 2011 109Thanksgiving 2011 111Thanksgiving 2011 112Thanksgiving 2011 113


Then, after everything was packed way, many of us headed to Mimi’s house. So, that meant that the cousin fun got to continue…just in jammies! The DePalermo family and Brenna spent the night too…so, there was much cousin fun to be had.
more Thanksgiving and Baylor game 005more Thanksgiving and Baylor game 010more Thanksgiving and Baylor game 013more Thanksgiving and Baylor game 018more Thanksgiving and Baylor game 020more Thanksgiving and Baylor game 021IMG_8387
A trip to the park before we hit the road back to home…IMG_8399IMG_8406


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Quinn is looking so grown up! Great pictures!!

The White House Baby said...

It's funny how in this big internet world, we are closer than we realize. You were less than a mile from our house while in San Angelo! We actually live on the other side of that lake ha. And we frequent that park all the time, it's my sons favorite! Your family is just precious, glad ya'll had a good Thanksgiving!!!

Katie said...

It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! I love your shirt & I totally want it! Where did you get it?